What's In My Shower?

Getting organized is as much about the little spaces as it as about the major storage areas in your home.  When you think about organizing your home, you probably think of rooms to tackle: purge the closet, convert the spare room into a usable home office, make the garage a place for cars to park again.  However, don’t forget about the small things you interact with daily that, if you simplify, will streamline your life.

One example: your shower.

Here’s mine.  I have a total of five products plus two tools: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, shaving cream, loofah, razor.  I keep a backup stash of each item in a bin under the sink (this post explains my strategy to buy in bulk and decant into appropriate storage), and new items only migrate to the shower when the previous container is empty.

I share my shower with my husband, and like many men he doesn’t have strong preferences about body care products but will use with abandon whatever is placed in his line of sight.  So, I select products I like and that work for my skin and hair, but that aren’t so expensive that I’ll be upset if I find my husband squeezing three or four shampoos’ worth into his hand at once!

Side note: Dollar Shave Club is the best thing ever.  There’s a learning curve to using their razors since the angle is different than the curvy pink and turquoise lady razors you might be used to, but the price and ease of purchase cannot be beat.  Plus, I always enjoy avoiding the Pink Tax whenever possible!

How could you streamline your shower to make getting ready even simpler?