Decluttering Nail Polish

I started painting my own nails when my husband and I temporarily relocated to London in 2011. I had gotten spoiled with no-frills but effective $20 mani/pedis in SF and was in the habit of getting them once every 2-3 weeks. Imagine my surprise when I went looking for a similar no-frills place in my London neighborhood and discovered I'd have to pay £35 or more - then the equivalent of about $50. Yikes!

At first, my results were pretty rough. But I need to keep my nails painted in order to prevent my nasty habit of destroying my own cuticles, so I kept at it. I'm now very comfortable with painting my own nails regularly and at this point I usually go in for a mani/pedi about every 2 months for maintenance.  Along the way, I've acquired quite a nail polish collection!  

As with most things organization related, if you don't see it, it doesn't exist!  Plus, I think the bright colors of nail polish can add something to an otherwise neutral bathroom.  So, I store the polish bottles in large glass cannisters from Restoration Hardware (now discontinued).  And in keeping with the principle of storing togther the things you use togther, I keep Q-tips and cotton pads accessible in smaller cannisters.  

Butter London full size polishes L-R: Cheeky Chops, Pearly Queen, Fiddlesticks, Sylver Brydells, Pistol Pink, Tart With A Heart

Deborah Lippmann mini polishes L-R: Bring on the Bling, Diamonds and Pearls

OPI polishes L-R: unkown minis, all with liquid sand finish, And This Little Piggy, I Don't Give A Rotterdam

Also in line with my organizational maxim of only keeping the things you use and love, I just went through and edited out quite a few colors I don't wear - some were freebies, or came with a set of other colors I loved.  Let me know if any of these catch your eye - I'd be happy to give them to you rather than consign them to the landfill!