On Imperfection

I will not be the first or last person to talk about imperfection. Insert trite truism about our social media airbrushed perfection image driven society blah blah blah here! Plenty of people smarter and more articulate than I have written powerful pieces on the topic.

Instead, I want to tell you what imperfection means to me. Specifically, I want to tell you about my skin.

Hangin' out in the skin I'm in at The Peak, Hong Kong

Hangin' out in the skin I'm in at The Peak, Hong Kong

I’m super pale. I come from a long line of people so pale that some of our freckles are white. For most of my life this has been distinctly unfashionable, so in my teens and twenties I absolutely hated my pale skin and tried to tan. Emphasis on "tried." 

I’m covered in freckles and moles, because see above: pale skin and sun damage. Some of them are cute (my mom used to refer to the crop of freckles that would appear on my nose every summer as brown sugar sprinkles), but a lot of them are bumpy, uneven, and weird (yes, I get my skin checked from head to toe by my dermatologist every 6 months).

I have cellulite. I’ve had it since I was about twelve years old. No matter how much I weigh, no matter how much I exercise, no matter how well I eat, the skin on my butt and the backs of my legs is lumpy and dimpled.  I spent a lot of time when I was younger tying sarongs over bathing suits and being sure that no photo ever captured me from behind.

In all my pale, freckly, cellulite-filled, scarred glory from a bachelorette party this spring!

In all my pale, freckly, cellulite-filled, scarred glory from a bachelorette party this spring!

I have a few scars. There’s a line on my lower abdomen from my emergency appendectomy in December 1995 (in Nairobi, Kenya - it’s quite a story). My bellybutton is a little wonky from an ovarian cyst removal in 2007 (it was 10 cm in diameter and my best friend named it Alvin - good riddance!). I have a long keloid on my inner left arm from the removal of a melanoma in 2016 (it had not spread, I’m lucky). 

There are a plethora of self tanners available, even ones that don’t make a person as pale as I am look orange. I could have larger moles removed if I wanted to. There’s a procedure to fix cellulite. My dermatologist has even offered me a shot to make my scars less prominent. For reasons that are only starting to coalesce to me now, I don’t do any of the above.

To me, my skin is part of my story. Yeah, it might look a little gross in places, but the human body is a little gross. That, and it makes me look interesting. No one else on the planet looks quite like me.

I love to be active and try new things, whether it’s a new workout, travel destination, or clothing style. In the past, caring about my imperfections has hindered that. These days, I put on my sunscreen and wear my workout clothes or bikini, and get on with it. The more time that passes, the fewer f*cks I give about whatever anyone thinks of my pale, moley skin with cellulite and scars. I can’t say I totally love it - at least not yet - but I’m getting there!


My Shot at "Project Pan"

I’m a quality over quantity kind of girl. Whether we’re talking about clothes/shoes/accessories or kitchen appliances, I’d rather spend a little more time and money on the right thing than go through multiple iterations of the wrong thing.

This extends to makeup and toiletries. For skin care, I trust the expert advice of my dermatologist, but when it comes to bath, body, hair, and makeup products I don’t have that one resource who will tell me exactly what I need and nothing more.

So it was that I started reading beauty product reviews online. And if you spend much time doing that at all, you inevitably start wading into the vast online beauty community, filled with jargon and acronyms and interest subgroups. That’s where I ran across the phenomenon known as “panning.”

The term comes from the fact that when you’ve used a lot of a powder makeup product, you will eventually see the bottom of the container, or pan. When you are doing a "project pan," you’re trying to use up one or more products.  That’s something I can get behind!

Just like with my closet, my goal for makeup is to have a tightly edited, high quality collection that I really enjoy using. On a daily basis, I wear very little: nothing if I’m doing organizing appointments or working from home, a basic five-step face if I’m going to meetings or a daytime event. However, I do have fun with more dramatic colors and styles for parties and dinners out!

Please excuse any yuckiness, NARS packaging is notoriously sticky and difficult to clean!

Please excuse any yuckiness, NARS packaging is notoriously sticky and difficult to clean!

In the course of identifying products that work for me, there are a few things that I used to love, but find that I’m not as excited about anymore. Because I don’t like wasting things, I decided that I would do my very own “project pan” and try harder to use up these items. They are:

  1. Dior Lip Glows in Lilac and Coral. Both skew really bright pink on me, while I would have liked to see more of an actual lilac or coral color.
  2. NARS lip glosses that are now old enough that I can’t read the labels on the bottoms of them! I like the colors, but I these days prefer a sheer lipstick formula to a sticky gloss.
  3. NARS The Multiple in Orgasm - this is a cult favorite makeup product and I used and loved it for so long that this is actually my second tube! These days, I find the glitter to be a bit much.
  4. Lancôme Tient Miracle foundation in Ivoire - the color match and formula are good, but going forward I’ll look for something even lighter weight and more moisturizing for every day.
  5. Lancôme Dual Finish powder foundation in Porcelaine I - again, good color and formula, but I’d like to transition to using a loose translucent powder for a less heavy effect.
FYI, the Dior Lip Glows go pretty fast. Powder foundation... not so much!

FYI, the Dior Lip Glows go pretty fast. Powder foundation... not so much!

The great thing with beauty products is that, unlike clothes, shoes, and accessories, they really can be used up in a reasonable amount of time - and the feeling of accomplishment is awesome! That said, sometimes the value of using something up completely is overtaken by the total drag it is to do so. I’m pretty optimistic about my progress on the lip glows, cheek stick, foundation, and powder - but I’m starting to think that those lip glosses have served me well enough and might have to hit the trash can.

When people think of professional organizers, their thoughts often tend to spaces like closets and home offices. However, I also love to organize bathrooms - there’s nothing more relaxing than getting ready in a pretty, airy space with all the things you need close at hand and nothing you don’t need cluttering everything up. If this sounds good to you, let’s talk!


Travel Gear I (Actually) Love

Last week I told you that there’s a lot of gear marketed to travelers that you just don’t need, and will be happier replacing with items you already use and love.  However, there’s an exception to every rule! I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you a few specific things I’ve found that really make trips run more smoothly. And even better, I use some of them when I’m not traveling!

This jacket has gone with me everywhere, from the Arctic to Estonia.

This jacket has gone with me everywhere, from the Arctic to Estonia.

1) A high quality packable Gore-Tex rain jacket

I don’t care where you’re going in the world, there’s always a chance it will rain, and you’ll be totally miserable if you’re unprepared. I love the Patagonia Torrentshell jacket because it packs down to almost nothing and looks pretty cute - and Patagonia stands behind their products to the extent that they will repair or replace any issues due to normal wear and tear at no cost. And a jacket like this isn't just great for active trips - I’ll throw it on for rainy days running around San Francisco, too!

I carry this  Cuyana  pouch with me every single day.

I carry this Cuyana pouch with me every single day.

2) A stash of Kleenex pocket packs and hand wipe packets

I don’t care where you’re going in the world, you cannot count on the availability of TP and handwashing facilities.  This is as true close to home as it is across the globe!

I love pink and I'm 100% ok with that.

I love pink and I'm 100% ok with that.

3) Appropriate luggage for the destination and length of trip

Luggage is frustrating to store, but if you love to travel, you just have to do it.  I keep what I believe to be the essentials: a hard sided carry on and checked bag, a day pack, and bags for skis and ski boots. While you’ll see from my previous post that I use regular purses when I travel, I do also have a couple of soft sided carry ons that I don’t strictly need but adore and use regularly because they’re so cute - I didn’t say I was perfect!


4) Travel wash bag and individually packaged laundry detergent

I’ve talked about this product before and I am here to tell you that it has Changed My Packing Game like nothing else.  I can pack so much lighter knowing that I can have unlimited clean, non-crunchy undies and knits to keep every outfit feeling fresh from the inside out.

Don't leave home without it!

Don't leave home without it!

5) Power converter

Hotels are increasingly supplying a variety of outlets, but it’s always good to have one converter on hand. I like the multi-port interchangeable power converter from Tumi because it packs all the plugs in the smallest footprint I’ve seen.

Just the necessities, please!

Just the necessities, please!

4) Travel size toiletries, makeup, and brushes

Carrying on makes a trip so much smoother - no lost luggage, no baggage check lines, no lugging giant suitcases through airports and train stations. In order to do so, I’ve sourced mini versions of all my favorite products, from moisturizer and eye cream to blush/bronzer/highlighter and makeup brushes.  Yes, I do have to spend some time and energy keeping stock on hand and storing these products, but that’s a trade off I personally am willing to make.

What are the travel products that you truly can’t live without?


Don't Buy Travel Products!

When you start a project, what’s one of the first things you do? Like most humans, I bet you start buying the stuff you think you’ll need to complete the project. Marketers know this, which is why you can easily find a “must-have” list for every activity under the sun.

This impulse is totally normal, but I’d advise you to resist it!  Why? It’s not just a matter of expense, although that’s certainly relevant. More importantly, your time and energy are precious, and it’s going to take more than you might realize to purchase, organize, and store the items you buy.

Let me give you an example: travel.


Travel is a big deal. It takes a lot of resources (money, vacation days, planning, stress) and there’s always an element of the unknown involved. As humans, we like control, and this combination of high cost and high risk makes us nervous. As a result, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if we just buy all the right stuff, a trip will go well.

However, I encourage you to treat travel is just like the rest of your life: use things you love that serve you well, and organize them in a way that works for you. Here are a couple broad categories of travel specific products that are relentlessly marketed and commonly purchased - but that I believe you can substitute with things you already have, love, and use.

The Longchamp Le Pliage is a travel classic for a reason: it's lightweight, zips closed, and...

The Longchamp Le Pliage is a travel classic for a reason: it's lightweight, zips closed, and...

...and look how tiny it folds!

...and look how tiny it folds!

1) Slash-proof or concealed travel bag or wallet

There are surprisingly few places where you truly need to take extraordinary measures to protect your valuables on your person. Remember: almost anywhere you travel, people go about ordinary lives, so follow their lead! I generally carry a lightweight tote bag that zips or a small leather crossbody bag when exploring cities all over the world, and I have never been pickpocketed or mugged. I simply take common sense measures like staying aware of my surroundings and appropriately calibrating the amount of jewelry and type of clothing I wear.

Yes, I did go ahead and customize through  Nike I.D.  with a rose gold swoosh. No regrets.

Yes, I did go ahead and customize through Nike I.D. with a rose gold swoosh. No regrets.

2) Walking shoe

Walking shoes marketed for travel may be extremely comfortable, but they’re also heavy, bulky, and ugly. These shoes take up valuable space in your luggage (and in your closet, because you likely won’t wear them at home) and, like it or not, mark you as a tourist. Instead, pack the shoes you wear when you’re going to be on your feet a lot in your normal life!  I’ll often bring my Nike Flyknit sneakers, which pack flat, add a streetwear vibe to variety of outfits, and can double as gym shoes. 

Much of this photo came as a sample or point perk from  Sephora .

Much of this photo came as a sample or point perk from Sephora.

3) Travel size toiletry containers

These sets are so cute, right?  A set of tiny bottles all ready for your lotions and potions, and TSA approved to boot!  In practice, when I come across travel bottles in clients’ homes, they are usually goopy and unidentifiable.  These sets only work if you are willing to be diligent about labeling bottles, repurchasing the same products and decanting them before every trip, and cleaning up after each trip. And if you’re not, that’s ok! I keep a small stash of all the products I need in travel sizes so that I’m always ready to pack without having to fuss around with containers.

My workout clothes served me as well climbing The Peak in Hong Kong as they do in the gym at home!

My workout clothes served me as well climbing The Peak in Hong Kong as they do in the gym at home!

4) Travel clothing marketed as sun protective, wrinkle free, and/or multifunctional

You know what I mean: those lightweight, drab button down shirts and pants with zip-off legs that companies insist you need for of travel. Instead of thinking of “travel” as your activity, however, I suggest you think about the activities you’re planning for your trip and pack the clothes you’d wear for similar activities in your normal life. For example, for a sightseeing trip to a European city in the spring, I’d pack outfits I’d wear for a day of shopping or museum-going at home in San Francisco: a mix and match assortment of jeans, silk pieces, and lightweight sweaters. For a week long hiking trip, I’d include various pieces from my workout and outdoor wardrobe including Lululemon pants and Patagonia layers.  I always feel prepared for my trip while at the same time feeling totally comfortable and like myself - which makes travel a lot more fun!

As you might have gathered, my philosophy on travel is that the best strategy to maximize both your personal safety and your enjoyment of the trip is to blend in, rather than mark yourself as a tourist. To me, travel is about expanding my perspective through authentic experience of people and places, and I can’t do that if I’m visually separating myself from my surroundings.

How about your favorite hobbies and activities: what things are we told we absolutely need but you know we can easily live without?


What I'm Reading

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Photo courtesy of

The Definition of Hell for Each Meyers-Briggs Personality Type

Having gone to business school, Meyers-Briggs is A Thing. Every MBA can to rattle off their combo of letters.  I don't think this particular paradigm is the be-all, end-all - there's not a lot of room for gray area, for example.  But when this article made the rounds of my friends, I laughed and was shamed but just how true the prediction was for me!  (For the record: I'm an ESFJ.)  Don't know your Meyers-Briggs type?  There's a relatively quick test here.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Is Wellness a Fad, and Is It Over?

You may have already picked this up if you've been a reader for awhile: I am an extremely practical person.  I do not go in for much in the department of woo.  I do my very best not to judge those who do, because different people find comfort in all kinds of different things, but I am at heart something of a skeptic.  So, I have noticed, and been somewhat exhausted by, the wellness trend and am hopeful it might be moderating in the near future.

A Very Confusing Makeup Guide for Scientists

I'm not a scientist, but I can definitely identify with the women described in this story.  I'm pretty feminine, and I embrace that about myself - but I get frustrated with the still pervasive ideas that as a woman who cares about my appearance I'm too girly to be taken seriously or too shallow to be a feminist.  

This Startup May Have Just Solved The Biggest Problem In Plus Size Fashion

The biggest surprise to me about the plus size fashion industry to me continues to be: why does it barely exist?  The money is there!  I know the people who are willing to spend it!  The image the fashion industry continues to have of plus size women as poor, sad, and dumpy has to end.  Here's hoping Universal Standard is a runaway success!  I'm out of their range, but would love to hear from anyone who's tried them.

Makeup On The Go, Round 2

My husband and I are lucky enough to be able to travel a lot, anywhere from a quick weekend getaway to a major 2 week trip.  I am a chronic overpacker from way back, and so the process of learning to pack light has been rather arduous for me (him, not so much - he packed for a week in NYC including workout gear in a small roll-aboard suitcase this week with no sweat!).

Part of this process has been learning to distill my makeup needs down to their essence.  This is especially key now, because while the products from my daily skincare regimen are all under 3oz and can come with me on the plane, they take up almost all the room in my TSA-approved clear toiletry bag for liquids.

As I mentioned here, I used to have a Lancôme travel palette from a duty free shop.  In the end, I realized that although everything you’d need to construct a variety of looks was theoretically included, the color scheme didn’t work well for me.  There were too many eyeshadows, and about half of them I’d never wear because they’re too warm-toned; the blush was really more of a highlighter and barely showed up on my skin; the eyeliner pencils were so tiny I couldn’t sharpen them; and the concealer colors were both too dark if we’re really being honest about just how pale I am.  I gave the Lancôme palette the good old college try, toting it as my singular makeup solution on pretty much every trip I took in 2015 and 2016, but after seeing myself in mirrors and photos I had to call it quits.  Life is too short to look a bit off!

Every supposed solution that doesn’t work is a learning experience, though.  I realized that I really do want to have bronzer, highlighter, and blush available when I travel, and so I spent months looking at every makeup palette out there (seriously, makeup ads are following me all over the internet). I finally settled on this limited edition but fortunately not yet sold out NARSissist Blush, Contour, and Lip Palette.  It contains NARS’ famous Laguna bronzer and Albatross highlighter, plus three blushes (including the now discontinued Roman Holiday), and a mini lip gloss.  I’m especially happy with the blush colors, all three work well on my skin and give a wide range of options.  I prefer a cooler toned bronzer and highlighter, but there’s a reason these two are some of NARS’ best sellers, they’re neutral and look pretty good anyway!  And really, one can’t go wrong with a light pink sheer lip gloss.


I also realized that I missed the experience of using high quality brushes to apply my makeup while traveling.  However, I am not willing to squish my gorgeous Tom Ford brushes into my suitcase, those suckers were expensive!  Fortunately, the right solution appeared during the holiday season: a set of travel brushes from Marc Jacobs Beauty, one of the rare sets that includes all the brush types I normally use.  The brushes are synthetic and sturdy while still applying makeup easily and evenly, but I am going to have to get a brush roll and stop traveling with the metallic zipper case - it’s a serious waste of luggage space! 

On my most recent trips, I’ve packed the NARSissist palette, a Chanel eyeshadow quad, a travel sized mascara (trying to use this one up but I must say I do not love it, the applicator is so scratchy!), a lightweight foundation sample, my Guerlain Metéorites Compact, an additional mini lipstick or two, and the Marc Jacobs Beauty brushes.  That is 100% enough for me feel polished while traveling, with enough options to glam it up a bit if I want to and neutral enough products that I can just throw on some mascara and blush and go.

You might notice I’m missing 3 major things from a typical beauty routine: concealer, eyeliner, and eyebrow product.  I just ordered the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla in the travel size to test out, and if it works that will start coming with me as well.  It has more oomph than my beloved daily standby YSL Touche Éclat, but really, travel is the time to have a sturdier concealer on hand since jet lag, pollution, and varying climates can wreak havoc on my skin.  I rarely wear eyeliner, and am only just dipping a toe into the world of brow products, so I’m comfortable leaving both of those out of my suitcase.

The travel collection...

The travel collection...

...and the same number of products from my full size collection.

...and the same number of products from my full size collection.

You will very rarely see me recommend travel specific products - I’ll get into the details of that in a future post!  But a combined face palette, mini products, and travel sized makeup brushes save so much room in my suitcase compared to those same products at full size that I’m willing to use up the bathroom drawer space to store them in between trips!


What I'm Reading

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Vogue’s March Cover Celebrates “No Norm Is The New Norm” By Adhering To Norms

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan write the way I wish my inner voice spoke: with warmth, humor, impeccable word choice, and incisive analytical ability..  I've been reading their fashion blog Go Fug Yourself since the early days, and I love that they're willing to engage on social issues along with red carpet reviews.

Photo courtesy of (Alex Lau)

Charcoal, Old-School Pizza, and Every Other Food Trend You'll See in 2017

I've been a fan of cauliflower for a long time (my mom used to puree it as a side dish and I always thought it was the ultimate comfort food) but I have to admit that most of the things on this list are completely off my radar!

Photo courtesy of Congresswoman Grace Meng

Our Laws Period-Shame Women—So I'm Going to Change Them

The experience of reading this op-ed by Congresswoman Grace Meng was another "check your privilege" moment for me.  I remain appalled at the ways in which our society refuses to openly deal with a natural process that is experienced by literally over half the population.

Photo courtesy of (Janus)

Are You Not Washing Your Hair Enough?

Well, THIS is timely, given my recent post about my stripped down hair care routine!  I now feel like I have to clarify and say that when I wash my hair, I really wash it, and also specify that since I don't use any styling products I don't get the kind of gunky buildup the article talks about.  Blow dry bars don't wash hair all that thoroughly, ladies, and then they top it off with tons of product.  Ew!


Goop Knows Best

You guys, I have to admit it: I have a total love/hate relationship with goop.  If you haven’t already been introduced, goop is Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand/newsletter/shop/advice column. 

Why do I love goop?  Well, for starters, the taste level is impeccable.  The goop aesthetic is simple, clean, and imbued with a mature yet cool style.  In addition, the editors really do their research.  When it comes to fashion and product recommendations, goop takes a less-is-more approach, and everything is clearly fully vetted and tested.

Why do I hate it?  Goop promotes a modern version of keeping up with the Joneses to a staggering degree.  Each newsletter leaves me feel like I can never possibly keep up with all the things I should be doing and buying to become a healthier, fitter, more self-actualized version of me – or at least, the version of a modern woman that goop is marketing.  Goop also does a serious amount of fear mongering, particularly when it comes to beauty products, which drives me batty.  Just because something is natural doesn’t make it nontoxic, and just because a chemical is lab-created doesn’t make it harmful!  And of course, many writers more eloquent than I have waxed poetic about how out of touch goop is with real women’s lives. 

In order to appropriately consume goop, I feel like the proverbial grain of salt is essential.  If you make it your bible, you’re just going to start feeling inadequate, but if you can filter for the information you need, you’ll find a lot that is helpful.

And go figure, goop’s closet organizing advice is absolutely on point.  In her Organization Tips from the Goop Fashion Closet, fashion director Laurie Trott shares some common organizing tips (seriously, huggable hangers are essential), but also brings up some strategies I and other professional organizers use that haven’t made it to the mainstream (organizing by accessibility and frequency of use, rather than just what fits where).  Of course, the unreachable standard still applies here: I am not a mood board person and I’m totally fine with that, so I’m a bit exasperated with the suggestion that a hard copy mood board in one’s closet is an essential organizing tool.

Do you read goop?  Love it, hate it, or both?


Healthy Hair Habits

My hair is fine, thin, and straight.  I’ve been annoyed with its tendency to flatten to the sides of my head and limply droop into my eyes for my entire life.  Even with a variety of fancy products, it will barely hold a curl or even fluff up off my scalp.  And my decades long habit of creating the same severe side part probably wasn’t helping things. 

My stylist, Jenn, has always gently encouraged me to move my part around, wash my hair less often, and avoid heat styling.  At first, I resisted.  I had been an every other day washer since childhood and even then the second day was borderline greaseball.  Plus, the only thing that seemed to make my hair look soft and fluffy was a good blow dry.

However, I got pretty exasperated with how fried my hair looked, and I started to make some changes.  This past year, I finally committed to a totally new strategy.  And of course, Jenn was right!  I just got a fresh chop, and she was so happy with how healthy my hair is now.

Here’s what I do:

·      Wash and condition with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner every three days.  Conditioner only goes on ends.

·      Wring out and comb hair, then wrap it in a microfiber towel until halfway dry.

·      Remove microfiber towel, lightly finger comb hair straight back from face, and leave it alone until totally dry.

Freshly washed... drowned rat... finished product!

Um, that’s it.  Sometimes I throw a little dry shampoo in there if I have to be acceptable for public viewing on third day hair. 

Of course, there are caveats.  I do have a specific hair type and realize that my strategy probably won’t work for everyone.  I encourage you to consult a stylist you trust to develop your own healthy hair routine!  Also, I have to admit that it took awhile to see a difference with this routine, especially since I made the transition gradually.  This is no overnight fix, but I do think it was worth it for me.

And of course, the best part of this whole thing is that it’s simple, straightforward, and has become an easy habit that doesn’t take up a lot of space in either my bathroom or my brain.  Plus, there's no pressure to research or shop for products, which saves me both time and money.

I do believe that as we get older, natural beauty can appear more youthful, which is why my makeup and hair routines are so simple.  I may change my mind in the future, but for now it’s all about that fresh faced look!


My Five Step Face

In the spirit of continuing to create productive habits that streamline life, here’s a look at my daily beauty routine.

Caveats: I have never been a serious makeup junkie.  I enjoy putting a fun look together for special occasions, but I didn’t start wearing makeup daily until I started my first real job after college, and at that point it was a look constructed of Clinique gift-with-purchase basics.  Even today, at the age of 34, I'm generally perfectly happy to leave the house and go about my business with a bare face (thanks in no small part to my updated skincare routine).

No shame in my bare face game.

However.  There are times when one must look a bit more polished, and I’ve created this five step face as the best way for me to achieve that pulled together appearance without wasting time. 

Step 1

I apply YSL Touche Eclat in shade 1 (did I mention I’m SUPER fair?) to my under eye area, lower corners of my mouth where there’s residual redness from years of hormonal acne, corners of my nose, and cupid’s bow.  I love Touche Eclat because it isn’t dry, doesn’t settle, and brightens dark areas without the heaviness of a true concealer.

Step 2

I rub Dior Cheek & Lip Glow on the apples of my cheeks.  It looks shocking in the bottle but is actually quite sheer and adapts to your skin tone.  I find it gives me a natural flush without affecting my skin’s texture.

Step 3

I curl my eyelashes using my classic Shu Uemura curler.  I wish I could skip this step, but I have pesky lashes at the corners of my eyes that literally point straight down and give me mascara shadows.  Jerks!

Step 4

I apply Diorshow Mascara in Brown.  Again, I’m basically see-through I’m so fair, so black mascara looks extra dramatic on me and I find it’s a bit much for daily wear.

Step 5

I swipe on Dior Addict Lip Glow.  Just like the cheek product, this one adapts to your skin chemistry.  So far I’ve tried Pink and Coral, and find Coral to be more natural on me.  Pro tip: this does have noticeable tint, so color inside the lines unless you want to look like you were eating a cherry popsicle!

Voila: the finished product.

I think of the result as Me, As I Think I Look Without Makeup.  It works, it’s easy, it’s quick, and it frees up space in my routine and my brain.  In fact, you’ll likely see this look in person at our initial consultation if you hire me for an organizing project!