My Five Step Face

In the spirit of continuing to create productive habits that streamline life, here’s a look at my daily beauty routine.

Caveats: I have never been a serious makeup junkie.  I enjoy putting a fun look together for special occasions, but I didn’t start wearing makeup daily until I started my first real job after college, and at that point it was a look constructed of Clinique gift-with-purchase basics.  Even today, at the age of 34, I'm generally perfectly happy to leave the house and go about my business with a bare face (thanks in no small part to my updated skincare routine).

No shame in my bare face game.

However.  There are times when one must look a bit more polished, and I’ve created this five step face as the best way for me to achieve that pulled together appearance without wasting time. 

Step 1

I apply YSL Touche Eclat in shade 1 (did I mention I’m SUPER fair?) to my under eye area, lower corners of my mouth where there’s residual redness from years of hormonal acne, corners of my nose, and cupid’s bow.  I love Touche Eclat because it isn’t dry, doesn’t settle, and brightens dark areas without the heaviness of a true concealer.

Step 2

I rub Dior Cheek & Lip Glow on the apples of my cheeks.  It looks shocking in the bottle but is actually quite sheer and adapts to your skin tone.  I find it gives me a natural flush without affecting my skin’s texture.

Step 3

I curl my eyelashes using my classic Shu Uemura curler.  I wish I could skip this step, but I have pesky lashes at the corners of my eyes that literally point straight down and give me mascara shadows.  Jerks!

Step 4

I apply Diorshow Mascara in Brown.  Again, I’m basically see-through I’m so fair, so black mascara looks extra dramatic on me and I find it’s a bit much for daily wear.

Step 5

I swipe on Dior Addict Lip Glow.  Just like the cheek product, this one adapts to your skin chemistry.  So far I’ve tried Pink and Coral, and find Coral to be more natural on me.  Pro tip: this does have noticeable tint, so color inside the lines unless you want to look like you were eating a cherry popsicle!

Voila: the finished product.

I think of the result as Me, As I Think I Look Without Makeup.  It works, it’s easy, it’s quick, and it frees up space in my routine and my brain.  In fact, you’ll likely see this look in person at our initial consultation if you hire me for an organizing project!