A Beautiful Signature

There are a few things I personally equate with a woman who leads an organized life – that is, a woman who has her sh*t together.  Most of these things, on the surface, seem to have nothing to do with being organized the way most people see it.  After all, you don’t really see a woman walking down the street and think to yourself, “Wow, I bet her sweaters are all perfectly folded!”  However, it’s kind impossible to do these things without some kind of organization underpinning it all.

Here’s an example: a woman who has her sh*t together has a signature scent.

I have two signature scents.  I acquired the first when I was 19, having decided that now that I was grown up, it was time to wear real perfume instead of Sun Ripened Raspberry body spray.  I shopped extensively, and must have wafted close to 100 options under my confused nose before I settled on My Perfect Scent: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.

Photo courtesy of dolceandgabbana.com

How original.  Ah, 19.

The second found me, as I never even knew it existed.  Just after its release in 2007, my parents gave me a bottle of Hermès Kelly Calèche for Christmas.  I loved it instantly, although to this day I couldn’t tell you why or even name any of the notes.  It just smells like me. 

Photo courtesy of hermes.com

In related news, my mom has worn the original Hermès Calèche for my entire life.  Hmmm… smell tied to memory indeed…

I continue to wear Kelly Calèche for day and Light Blue for evening.  They’re easy to replace (thank you Sephora.com), easy to store (beautiful bottles look good on any vanity), and make me feel fabulous and like the best version of myself when I wear them. 

In a world with so very many choices of ways to make yourself smell pretty, it’s tempting to try a multitude of options.  However, there is something beautiful, simple, and calming about sticking with what works.  I don’t have to spend time and energy shopping for, trying on, or making a daily choice of perfume.  I just do a quick spritz of my signature scent and continue on, trying to be a woman who has her sh*t together.