Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn't love Thanksgiving as a kid.  Turkey wasn't that exciting, chocolate was not involved, and there were no presents.  A fine greedy little girl I was!

I like to think I appreciate it now.  Neither my husband's family nor mine has any regular Thanksgiving tradition, so we spend it differently each year: we hosted a Norman Rockwell style feast our first year married, two years ago were in Berlin and London with my family (featuring an epic case of food poisoning for me on Thanksgiving night...), and spent last year in the Santa Barbara sunshine.  No matter where we are, all that matters is that we're with each other and people we love, and ideally that there's some delicious food.  I'm not a seconds person, but on Thanksgiving all bets are off - especially if there's cornbread stuffing!

Covent Garden, London - in a country without Thanksgiving, Christmas comes early!

Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin: home of Christmas market, mulled wine, and... a disco ball?

Wherever you are in the world this year, I hope you and your loved ones are happy, healthy, and safe.  Have a wonderful holiday!