What I'm Organizing

The time has come: it's the Christmas season!  And like many people, I'm starting to get serious about my Christmas shopping.  I do believe that it's truly better to give then receive, and I get a total charge out of pairing the perfect present with a person I love.  However, it's still a challenge to get everything bought, wrapped, and shipped in time!

Enter my three saving graces of Christmas shopping: Evernote, Costco, and free shipping.  I used to be a notebook-and-pen kind of girl but made the total switch to Evernote this year and it really works for me.  I can write down my present ideas and then check them off as I buy them so I don't miss anything, whether it's on my phone or laptop.  As for Costco, I don't buy wrapping paper or ribbon anywhere else because the quality is amazing (love the grid print on the back of the wrapping paper for easy measuring and cutting!) and the rolls are huge.  I haven't bought wrapping paper for Christmas in 2 years!  Free shipping, I think, is self-explanatory... I usually know what I'm looking for so I can do most of my shopping online.

Each year, we adopt a family through Christmas through Compass Family Services.  It is SO much fun to shop for these kids and families, and if you're in San Francisco, I cannot recommend this program highly enough!  In a world of myriad donation options, this one is really well organized, with clear shopping guidelines and drop off procedures.  

Other than that, I don't buy for that many people.  Lest I sound like a Grinch, let me clarify: our families are relatively small, and we prefer to celebrate the season with friends by hosting a big old party every year.  So, I'll be shopping for my husband, my niece and honorary nephews, and my person in my family's annual Secret Santa, while he takes care of his family.  Plus I'm always on the hunt for the most fun part: stocking stuffers!  

Enjoy the season!