No-Nonsense Tip for Holiday Entertaining

Organization can get real, and on that note I just had to share this excellent tip from Joanna Goddard: The #1 Item You Need For Houseguests

You’ll find the bathrooms in my house fully prepared with this set from Restoration Hardware.  Attractive and always at the ready!

Which reminds me... we're having our annual holiday party this weekend, and part of the preparation is making sure our guest bathroom is fully stocked.  The essentials?

I joked with my husband before we were married that I’d know we’d “made it” when we started buying fancy hand soap from Williams Sonoma instead of the grocery store brand.   I picked this soft green scent since it’s subtle and unisex.

Everyone needs to blow their nose now and again, but there’s no need to look at a basic Kleenex box.  I use this Pottery Barn cover because it’s attractive and also easy to clean – a must in bathroom situations.

I always light a candle before guests start arriving so no one has to fiddle with matches when there’s a line for the bathroom.  I’m seriously persnickety about scented candles – I find most of them too strong or cloying – but I found this one at the Jonathan Adler store in my neighborhood and love the mild scent and simple, clean look.

My mother in law gave us cute monogrammed holiday towels last year that I love to display, but they’re not great at actually drying off your hands so I always hang fresh hand towels as well.

And of course – there’s never such a thing as too much TP.  Words to live by.