What's in My Bag?

Whether you’re interested in purses as fashion statement or functional necessity, you probably struggle with the strange similarity that often exists between your bag and a black hole.  Stuff… just… accumulates… in there!

As with many other aspects of an organized life, finding a list and a routine that works for you is the key to organizing your bag.  Here’s how I keep it streamlined so that I have everything I need and can find it quickly.

1) I use the right bag.

I love this tote my husband gave me for Christmas two years ago because it fits comfortably on my shoulder, holds a laptop if necessary, has interior side pockets, looks great, and goes with everything.  I used to carry a Longchamp tote, and while I still love that option for travel, the bunus of my Gucci is that it stands up on its own when I put it down, making it easier to find things.

2)  I carry everything I need and nothing I don't.

The contents, L to R: sunglasses, notebook and pen, wallet, checkbook, mini umbrella, keys, personal item pouch, gum/mints pouch, business card holder.  Not shown: cell phone, in use to take the picture. Note the long, brightly colored keychain, which means that I can shove a hand into my bag, feel around, and come up with my keys without looking - essential when balancing bag, groceries, and dog on leash!

3) I corral all the small items.

I put mints and gum in a separate zippered pouch because the strong smell permeates anything else stored with them.  This one was a freebie from Toss Designs at the Junior League of San Francisco Fashion Show two years ago, they're a great local company and carry a while line of cute and functional bags, pouches, and wallets!


All personal care items go in another zippered pouch – yes, they all fit!  L to R: nail file, hand moisturizer, wet wipes, lip balm, sunscreen, mini hair brush.  Once I adopted this strategy, the condition of my cuticles and lips improved because it's easy to find my lip balm and hand lotion to use more often.  

I keep my cell phone in a side pocket for easy access, and store any slips of paper I need to have on hand (currently, a Costco coupon and a dry cleaning slip) in the flat zippered side pocket so that they don’t get mangled with the larger items.

Finally, I always keep my bag in the same place in my house, and I clean it out at the end of every day.  I'll tell you more about this designated location in a future post - it was quite the process to discover a solution that would work for both me and my husband!  But do keep this in mind: as a result of my routine, I always know where my bag is, I know it’s stocked, and I can grab it and walk out the door.  That peace of mind is priceless!