A Note on Photography

You may have noticed that there aren't a whole lot of pictures on this blog, and those I do feature either come from reputable and credited sources or are taken poorly by me using my iPhone.  I know that blogs with more photos tend to do better in terms of readership, but this subpar photography is actually a conscious choice and I wanted to tell you why.

There are a lot of blogs and social media accounts out there that display a highly curated, perfectionist version of life.  There is definitely a place for them, and I'm inspired by many fashion and design bloggers who put out beautiful, compelling content.

My intent is different.  I want to show you my real life and how I organize it so that you can envision organizing your real life as well.  And I can't do that by showing you well manicured, carefully planned photo shoots!  Whenever I take a picture, I literally step back from what I'm doing, grab my phone, and snap.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Plus, I'm not a good photographer, and taking more pictures has not made me interested in becoming one.  Being organized is all about playing to your own strengths and weaknesses instead of trying to become someone you're not.  So, I will do my best to take accurate, clear photos of my life, home, and projects to illustrate my work for you - but don't expect professionally edited DSLR pics from me any time soon!

I'm hoping to take that same philosophy to Instagram soon... so be on the lookout for a daily peek into the true life style and wardrobe of a professional organizer with a shoe addiction!