What I'm Organizing

When I started my Instagram account, I committed to authenticity.  The social media world is saturated with picture perfect influencers, and I don't need to compete with them.  Why? Organizing for real lives isn't about a Pinterest-perfect set of chalk labeled baskets, it's about streamlining daily tasks and storage so that you can spend your time and energy on the things that really matter to you.  

So I prefer to show my real life on social media - while of course maintaining some semblance of personal privacy! To that end, I have not and will not retouch my photos, create events only for Insta, or force other people to take my pictures for me.  No #instagramhusband here!

So, as you'll have seen if you follow me on Instagram, my first few months of activity are filled with pretty terrible selfies.  There's only one full length mirror in my house right now, on the inside door of my husband's closet, so that was the only place I could grab pics.  I quickly got fed up with that and decided to get a cell phone tripod with remote so that I could at least move my selfie game to a more well lighted location!

I decided on the iKlip Grip smart phone stand.  While you can get tripods for half the price, I always go for something of higher quality that will last longer without falling apart.  This one was the only tripod listed on the Apple Store, which I took as a good sign!  It was incredibly easy to set up and works perfectly.  The parts screwed together easily and tightly and the remote was a breeze to pair with my phone via Bluetooth.  I probably went from closed box to taking pictures in about five minutes.

I'm still getting used to posing in front of a camera rather than being able to see myself on screen as I take the picture, and I'm still figuring out where to take pictures for better lighting.  However, it's much easier to just grab the tripod and start clicking than it is to open up my husband's closet and move various things out of the way before attempting selfies!  

Check out my Instagram account and let me know what you think.  I'd love to share the kind of content you want to see, and of course follow you back!



A Note on Photography

You may have noticed that there aren't a whole lot of pictures on this blog, and those I do feature either come from reputable and credited sources or are taken poorly by me using my iPhone.  I know that blogs with more photos tend to do better in terms of readership, but this subpar photography is actually a conscious choice and I wanted to tell you why.

There are a lot of blogs and social media accounts out there that display a highly curated, perfectionist version of life.  There is definitely a place for them, and I'm inspired by many fashion and design bloggers who put out beautiful, compelling content.

My intent is different.  I want to show you my real life and how I organize it so that you can envision organizing your real life as well.  And I can't do that by showing you well manicured, carefully planned photo shoots!  Whenever I take a picture, I literally step back from what I'm doing, grab my phone, and snap.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Plus, I'm not a good photographer, and taking more pictures has not made me interested in becoming one.  Being organized is all about playing to your own strengths and weaknesses instead of trying to become someone you're not.  So, I will do my best to take accurate, clear photos of my life, home, and projects to illustrate my work for you - but don't expect professionally edited DSLR pics from me any time soon!

I'm hoping to take that same philosophy to Instagram soon... so be on the lookout for a daily peek into the true life style and wardrobe of a professional organizer with a shoe addiction!


Weekly Peek

On Brand

If you follow me on social media (and you should! I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yelp) you'll see that I've updated my image.  I had headshots taken by Shelah Osbrink of Sweet Light Studios, and I could not be happier with the results!


...and after!


We have officially been in our new house for 2 weeks today.  We've managed to unpack most of the boxes and arrange the little furniture we have to make things livable.  We've even had our first guests over - close friends only, since seating options are minimal at the moment!

Pearly Whites

I just had my semiannual checkup with my dentist, and my husband is going in next month when he gets his braces off after an epic 3-year slog with the most perfectionist orthodontist in history.  It sounds bizarre, but I adore my dentist Dr. Jeremy Velasco.  A friend of mine referred me years ago and I've been a loyal client ever since.  Dr. Jeremy himself is friendly, kind, and obviously cares about his work and patients.  All his hygienists are really nice and particularly good at striking that weird balance of conversation when you have your mouth full of dental tools.  Plus, the front office ladies are super sweet and remember everyone by name!  If you feel like visiting the dentist is always impersonal and an upsell, give Dr. Jeremy a try - I once asked about a whitening treatment my friend raved about and he talked me right out of it since I didn't actually need it!

Photo courtesy of Alpine Meadows base cam 10:56 a.m. 11/6/15

Think Snow!

The first snow of the season came to the northern Sierras this week, and skiers are chomping at the bit to get out there.  It has snowed on Halloween weekend for the past 3 years straight, so I'm still not holding my breath about what that might mean for the rest of the season, but it's great to see the fluffy white stuff falling again!  Be sure to check out Unofficial Alpine (or the Unofficial Networks page for your mountain of choice) to get the real story on snowfall, mountain opening, and more local issues.

Weekly Peek

Ah, love...

My husband and I recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary (where does the time go, exactly?). This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding, captured by our amazing photographer, Timothy Teague. His journalistic style fit perfectly with our desire to document the party rather than style an elaborate photo shoot.  He got all the formal shots we asked for (and more we didn't realize we wanted!) in 20 minutes flat and we were able to attend our own cocktail hour, an experience I recommend to all brides!

We're a pretty laid back couple, and both of us travel independently all the time, whether for work or play.  So, while it wasn't ideal that my husband had a friend's bachelor party scheduled for the weekend of our anniversary, I knew we'd celebrate another time and wished him bon voyage.  Not that I should have worried that he'd put our celebration out of mind though: Petunia and I came back from running errands to find this pretty arrangement on our doorstep!

Celebrate another time, we did!  Our anniversary tradition is to take a long weekend getaway to Las Vegas.  Which sounds weird, because we're not exactly a party hard pair.  We treat it more like a resort destination: spending lazy days by the pool and spa, trying great restaurants, and catching a show.  The key ingredient is our stay at the Mandarin Oriental, a gorgeous property that feels like an oasis from the whirlwind of Vegas.  From automatic upgrades to the bottle of champagne waiting in our room (and another glass brought to us poolside!), the staff at the Mandarin goes above and beyond to make our annual experience perfect.

Oh, and we do a little shopping too, since nearly all the retail options you could possibly imagine are available in Vegas.  I couldn't resist snapping a pic of the complimentary water bottle we were offered at Thomas Pink - too cute!  And very necessary during the summer in Vegas, when temperatures easily top 100 degrees.

Happy anniversary to the greatest gift of my life.  To many more!