Top Tips from the Best in the Business

One of the best reasons to hire a professional organizer is that we come with not only our own expertise, but also recommendations for a whole host of service providers to help fulfill your organizing dreams.  One of my most trusted such partners is Golden Gate Garage Storage.  Joe O’Neal and his team are friendly and professional, and execute each project beautifully.  I’ve referred them to multiple clients for garage storage build-outs and they’ve always been pleased with the results!

Photo courtesy of Golden Gate Garage Storage

Photo courtesy of Golden Gate Garage Storage

Given that I have such a high opinion of Golden Gate Garage Storage, I was thrilled when they asked me to contribute to a blog post they put together of tips from some of San Francisco’s best professional organizers. I’m so pleased to be included in this truly wonderful group, many of whom I know personally (or have even worked with!).

What I love about this quick blog post is that, in addition to tips you can really use, you get a sense of each organizer’s perspective on their work.  We are all professionals, but no two organizers work exactly the same way.  It’s so important that you feel a good fit with your organizer, and I encourage you to research and even speak with a few of us in order to find the person you really click with.

I thought long and hard about what tip to give since there are so many pieces of wisdom I’ve collected that I use with clients.  In the end it had to come down to wardrobe since the closet is my favorite room in the home to organize.  And in fact, I’ve even talked about this tip before here on the blog - it’s that important and relevant to my life in addition to my work!

If you’re ready to organize your garage, closet, or any other room in your house, get in touch with me!  You can schedule your complimentary phone consultation straight from my website here.