Organizing for Travel Part 2: The Outfit

I originally started talking about getting organized for trips way back in 2014, and have done plenty of public hand wringing over it since!  There’s one travel related thing I do have a good handle on, however: the perfect airplane outfit.

One of my many quirks is that when I’m sitting for any length of time, I have a weird compulsion to have my legs bent more than 90 degrees.  This leads to me contorting myself into all kinds of weird poses in airports and airplane seats.  So, while I always want to look relatively cute, my traveling outfit has to be comfortable and move with me.

I used to wear jeans, but a couple of years ago I made the switch to leggings for long flights and I’ll never go back.   I particular, I love Lululemon Wunder Unders.  They’re completely opaque and have a lower rise so they don’t dig in, but at the same time they hold their shape so that you can sleep all night and not arrive at your destination with saggy knees.

International flights are too long to be trapped in an underwire, so I layer up starting with a tank top with built in shelf bra – and honestly, I get mine at Target.  Depending on the climate, I’ll top that with a tunic length blouse or lightweight cashmere sweater.

Finally, I try to wear my bulkiest items on the plane, so if I’m flying in winter I wear my knee-high boots and carry my coat.  In summer, I’ll go with my workout sneakers and a light cardigan.  I especially love what my best friend and I refer to as an “airplane cardigan” – you know, one of those sweaters that’s open in the front with no buttons.  I swear they’re tailor-made for travel.

For this trip to Italy, I’m topping my leggings and tank top with a long sleeved silk blouse that will work perfectly tucked into my black lace skirt or black silk joggers for evening, a neutral leather jacket that literally matches everything else in my suitcase, and some cute leather sneakers that I can pair with a t-shirt dress or denim skirt for walking around town.

Feeling pretty good about my packing strategy this time around – I’ll update you on how it went next week!