Monetize Your (Organized) Closet

One of the newest entries to the sharing economy is Style Lend, a startup closet sharing service that promises you the ability to borrow clothes from the cool girl around the corner.  Of course, I had to try it out!

Everything operates through the app, which is super easy to use.  The most difficult part of the whole thing, to be honest, is finding and/or taking pictures of the items you want to lend.  I ended up Google image searching my pieces for front and back views, and then supplementing with pictures of the actual items hanging up in front of a white background in my guest bedroom.

As a lender, I think the best use of Style Lend is to put items up for rent that are special enough to keep in your collection but not pieces you’re going to reach for on a regular basis.  I started out by lending two gowns I’ve worn to gala events over the past couple of years: this green jersey piece by Issa (Kate Middleton’s fave!) and navy blue sparkly number by Badgley Mischka.  If you want to borrow my dresses, just search in the app!

As a borrower, I think you’ll be really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items available.  They’re all less then three years old and from contemporary designer labels you buy and love.

What I love about Style Lend is that it encourages you to keep a well-curated closet on both sides of the equation.  If an item wouldn’t appeal to borrowers, do you really want to keep it around for yourself?  And if you need something to wear one time, should you really purchase an outfit that will just take up valuable space in your closet?

Check out Style Lend and let me know what you think!