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Organizing a Kick-*ss Bachelorette Party

Last month, my best college girls and I were draped over the furniture in a hotel suite in Austin, primping, drinking champagne, and roasting each other about our considerably more messy college selves.

At one point, one of the girls asked the room at large, “Did anyone think Lucy would be the responsible one planning all our bachelorette parties??”

The answer was a resounding “NO!” and gales of laughter!

You guys, they’re not wrong. I have, ahem, grown up a lot over the last fifteen or so years. I still put my foot in my mouth more often than I would like, but I have learned through trial and error how to manage some of the more important things in life.

One of those things is being there for your nearest and dearest at the most important times in their lives. I’m now in the middle of maid of honor duties for the third time, and was also delegated the bachelorette party planning role when I was a regular bridesmaid in a fourth wedding. It's a serious honor (and responsibility) to be in charge of this kind of occasion, and can be stressful because bachelorette parties get wrapped up in the whole wedding industrial complex.

And as with all things wedding industrial complex, there are a ton of tips on the internet about how to throw a bachelorette party. So instead, I wanted to share with you the less obvious ways you can make the event a source of treasured memories instead of drama.

1) Your bride is all that matters.

Ask her what she wants, and LISTEN. One of my best friends wanted a night out on the town with pink and sparkles, another a chance to relax somewhere quiet for a weekend. Just as there are a million types of weddings, there are a million types of bachelorette parties. Resist the temptation to copy curated parties on Pinterest and instead plan something that truly fits your dear friend.

This is the more, ahem, photogenic part of the bachelorette stash.

This is the more, ahem, photogenic part of the bachelorette stash.

This goes double for bachelorette… paraphernalia. I have a stash of funny stuff I bring to each party, but every bride should be able to decide for herself exactly how much attention she wants to attract and how risqué she wants to be. I have pictures of one girl carrying a large inflatable “item” into a restaurant, and another didn’t wear her sash or beads outside the hotel room. If it’s all in the name of fun, then it doesn’t matter!

2) Be very transparent about costs with the guests - and don't bother your bride.

This means involving all the guests in the planning process before you make reservations so that you can make sure everyone is comfortable. It also means that if you find the budget too restrictive for your party goals, your only option is to cover the balance yourself and do so quietly and graciously. No bride wants to feel like she's causing her best friends stress and anguish! On more than one occasion, I have used my own airline miles to make sure a treasured member of the wedding party can make it to a destination bachelorette. I’ve also covered activities the bride was stoked about but others wouldn’t have chosen on their own. 

If you can swing it, I also recommend putting everything on one person’s credit card and privately giving each guest a clean total after the party is over. When you remove the feeling of nickel and dime-ing during the party itself, you make the whole thing feel more seamless. This may mean extra work on your end, but it’s worth it. 

3) Restrict your geographic area during the party.

When doing a destination bachelorette, I either like to keep all activities on property or within walking/short Uber distance. The reason? A weekend is actually very limited time to spend with people you may not see very often, and what you really want to focus on is maximizing the quality time you all spend together. Of each bachelorette party I’ve planned, some of the most memorable time has been when we’re all getting ready together in a hotel room, or just chilling out by a pool. Time spent in transit, and all the stress that causes, just saps the energy from your good time.

4) Give your schedule plenty of breathing room.

For a weekend bachelorette, I like to have dinner reservations for both nights, a general post-dinner plan for Friday night and definitive reservations for Saturday night, and one daytime activity on Saturday. Anything more, and you’re going to be forcing crabby, hungover girls to get up too early or stressing everyone out with trying to get to too many appointments. No, you may not be able to hit that Instagram star brunch spot if you don’t plan ahead, but again, this party is all about quality time. Grab some brunch from a food truck or counter service cafe, and enjoy your morning together!

Vegas ready in spring 2010!

Vegas ready in spring 2010!

I’ll confess that for my own bachelorette party, way back in 2010, I wanted the whole Vegas shebang. I remain incredibly grateful that all my best girls gamely rolled out in their sparkly best, treated me to a fancy dinner and night out, and generally made me feel like the star of the show. I'm so lucky that they indulged me, and that we're all still close to this day!


The Well Organized Wedding

As of July 10, I will have been married for eight years. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Quite a bit has changed in wedding trends since then, but the basics remain the same. In the spirit of wedding season, I wanted to share a few tips that I think will make your entire wedding experience run more smoothly.

1) Cut out unnecessary extras.

The wedding industrial complex is so real. Weddings are high stakes events: you only get one and you want it to be perfect. This makes you extra vulnerable to the marketing of products you don’t need. Companies know this, and they prey on your emotions.

I am here to tell you that there are three things you should not skimp on for your wedding. Get these three on point and yours will be a party everyone remembers for decades to come:

Food. Booze. Music.

And there’s no need to complicate it, all of those things just have to be high quality and plentiful. If you feed people delicious food, provide tasty options for drinkers, and have music that makes people jump out of their chairs to dance, no one will care about anything else.

Look, no favors! All photos by the incomparable  Timothy Teague .

Look, no favors! All photos by the incomparable Timothy Teague.

We cut unnecessary extras, and we had a gorgeous wedding with zero regrets. For example: favors. Think about the last wedding you went to. Do you remember the favors? Did you keep yours (or if it was edible, did you eat it)? If you skip favors, you’ll save hundreds of dollars and a couple giant trash bags going into a landfill somewhere - not to mention the time and effort of putting them together.

No monogram, no problem! (Cake by  Robyn Loves Cake , it appears she has moved to Orlando so check her out, Florida brides! The cake was SO good.)

No monogram, no problem! (Cake by Robyn Loves Cake, it appears she has moved to Orlando so check her out, Florida brides! The cake was SO good.)

We never even considered having specialty champagne flutes and cake cutting utensils. Cake cutting takes about five minutes, and the pictures are just as beautiful without an engraved monogram. Plus, if you do drink champagne at home, it’s far more practical to have a full set of glasses on hand that go in the dishwasher so that you can pour bubbly for all your guests and clean up easily after they leave!

This one's framed in my living room. Dress and veil by  Peter Langner  via  Marina Morrison , suit by  Ralph Lauren , tie by  Thomas Pink .

This one's framed in my living room. Dress and veil by Peter Langner via Marina Morrison, suit by Ralph Lauren, tie by Thomas Pink.

We also didn’t take engagement pictures. My sister snapped a few pics of us so that we had something to put on our website, but that was it. Our rationale was this: we knew we would get beautiful photos from our wedding, and exactly how many photos of yourself displayed in your own home do you really need? I think it’s lovelyto have one or two framed wedding photos, but I much prefer being surrounded by pictures of my family and friends than glamour shots of myself!

2) Hire a day-of coordinator, or, if you can swing it, a full-on wedding planner.

When I got engaged, I strongly suggested (well, more like insisted) that we hire a wedding planner. To say that my parents, who had very generously offered to foot the bill, were not wild about this idea was an understatement. They have thrown many parties before - what could possibly be so hard? Plus, why waste the money?

It did, in fact, rain on our wedding day! My planner had the staff (enthusiastically assisted by my dad) out there cleaning off the dance floor plus a backup plan in place, and it became a funny story to tell instead of a disaster.

It did, in fact, rain on our wedding day! My planner had the staff (enthusiastically assisted by my dad) out there cleaning off the dance floor plus a backup plan in place, and it became a funny story to tell instead of a disaster.

Fast forward to the day after my wedding, and my parents are the biggest evangelists of wedding planners that you will find. Weddings, even if they are small and simple, have a lot of moving parts, and if you want to truly be present and enjoy your day, you don’t want to be the one dealing with them. 

I talk a lot about organizing being a way to buy yourself quality time with the people you love. On no day is that more true than your wedding day! And this is also a place, much like organizing, where you want to look to your friends and family for referrals, and be aware that you get what you pay for!

3) Someone is gonna get weird. Be prepared.

Again, a wedding is high stakes. Everything from the amount of money spent to the numbers of people involved to the fact that this is (ideally, anyway) a one-time only event conspires to spike everyone’s stress. So it makes sense that someone you’ve always been able to count on to behave a certain way suddenly veers off in a totally unexpected direction.

Classic suspects for this kind of behavior are brides themselves, moms, and wedding party members, but sometimes it’s a special guest star like a groom, dad, or random aunt. You won’t be able to predict who your weirdo is, but once they surface, you’ll realize this is happening to you!

It doesn’t matter who it is, or what they’re doing that’s so inexplicably off kilter - what matters is that you understand that this person’s unusual behavior is probably coming from a good place and will pass once the wedding is over. If you can, be patient, listen, and try to figure out compromises.

Engagement is a joyful time, but there’s also a lot of pressure involved. If you’re getting married soon, I wish you low stress, helpful friends and family, and the wedding of your dreams!


What I'm Reading

Photo courtesy of npr.org (Martin Grimes/Getty Images for Grey Goose)

Photo courtesy of npr.org (Martin Grimes/Getty Images for Grey Goose)

Louise Linton Said She "Sacrifices" More Than Other Taxpayers.  It's Not That Simple.

We could all use a refresher on the economics and political principles that underlay the latest scandal-of-the-week.  And if you, like me, post about fashion on Instagram, I hope you can join me in taking a renewed look at our content and remembering that the ability to wear a wide variety of things just for fun is an incredible privilege.

Photo courtesy of racked.com (Greg Finck for Sarah Haywood)

Photo courtesy of racked.com (Greg Finck for Sarah Haywood)

Weddings of the 0.01 Percent

Even though It's been over seven years since I planned my own wedding, I still love reading and talking about weddings - especially when there's as much juicy insider detail as there is in this article!  But as with so many things, I finished it remembering the sociological research which tells us that, past a certain point, money doesn't actually buy any additional happiness.

Photo courtesy of the guardian.com (Alexandra Iokovleva/Getty)

Photo courtesy of the guardian.com (Alexandra Iokovleva/Getty)

Why We Fell For Clean Eating

I completely cut out sugar and processed grains for a solid three months about five years ago, and continue to minimize both of those things as much as my inherent tendency to being a sugar monster allows.  I've never really thought of this strategy as a health panacea though - it's really a weight maintenance tool for me.  I generally avoid extremes, and this article reassures me that that's a wise strategy.

Photo courtesy of racked.com (Claire Zulkey)

Photo courtesy of racked.com (Claire Zulkey)

Shopping For Boys Cloths Is So Boring

This article also brings up an excellent point to me: why does "gender-neutral" skew so masculine?  My sister and her wife dress my niece in all kinds of things, from frilly dresses to onesies that are clearly from the boys' department, and that just seems like a progressive strategy.  But I wonder if they or anyone else would put boys in pink and glitter sometimes in the name of gender neutrality.  I wish they would!

Weekly Peek

Photo courtesy of Boboquivari's

Photo courtesy of Boboquivari's

Brush With (a Few Degrees of) Celebrity

My husband and I were recently planning a double date with some good friends, and decided to finally try a San Francisco institution: Bobo's.  Yes, I've lived in SF for 10 years and have never been, I'm aware this is a travesty.  We had a great time, enhanced by the fact that we were squirreled away at a private alcove table that is reportedly the favorite hangout of one Mr. George Clooney when he's in town.  I have to admit that for me the experience was much more about the ambiance than the food - if you're looking for the best old-school steakhouse experience in San Francisco I'd direct you to Harris' - but I spent most of my evening elbow deep in Dungeness crab with garlic sauce and regretted not one bite!

Photo courtesy of jake.clothing

Photo courtesy of jake.clothing

Dangerous Liaisons

JAKE has just come out with their Dangerous Liaisons collection, and so of course we had to support our friends at one of their launch parties.  I am dying for the custom toile fabric used throughout the collection, featuring greyhounds (the official shop mascots are Echo and SCOTUS, that would be Supreme Canine of the United States to you) instead of dragons!  It's those kind of playful details that make JAKE clothes stand out in a sea of fashion.

Photo courtesy of hoodline.com (Carrie Sisto)

Photo courtesy of hoodline.com (Carrie Sisto)

Weird for Good

I've mentioned before that I sit on the board of CounterPulse, an amazing performing arts organization based out of a theater in SF's Tenderloin.  This year, for the first time, we're putting on a gala Family Feast & Fundraiser, and I'm chairing the host committee!  The past few months have been a whirlwind of brainstorming, planning meetings, and bonding time with the truly incomparable staff and board members of CounterPulse, and we're just under a month out from the event itself.  The dinner is already sold out, but the after party will be super fun, featuring live performances, bespoke cocktails, a drag show, DJ and dancing, and a silent auction, all to benefit the Springboard Fund For Artists so that CounterPulse can keep providing a home for groundbreaking art that shatters assumptions and promotes community.  All the hippest, artiest kids in town will be there, and you'll want to be there too!

End of the Season

In bittersweet news, my official ski season is over.  I spent my winter training three new candidates to join the Alpine Meadows National Ski Patrol, and I'm so pleased and proud that all three passed their final test and will be wearing red jackets from now on!  Fortunately for all of us who love the mountains, there's still snow to spare in the Sierras and many of the ski hills are planning to be open into May and June.  I'm thinking of snagging a few runs of spring corn on Memorial Day Weekend.  How many times in life is there the opportunity to do that??

What I'm Organizing

Every year we host a holiday open house.  We had so much fun the first year that we kept going, and now it's turned into a major occasion for all of our friend groups.  At this point, people now have Holiday Party Friends: the people they didn't know before they started coming to our parties but now look forward to seeing every year.  

From Holiday Party 2012: picture taken in the kitchen of our old condo because let's be honest, that's where the party is.

It's never exactly easy to host a party for 60+ people over 6 hours, but it doesn't have to be a struggle either.  Here's how we do it:

1) We want a casual, comfortable vibe.  This means we go pretty minimal on the non-essentials.  Decor is limited to our usual Christmas decorations, glasses and utensils are disposable and ordered in bulk on Amazon, everything is served buffet style, and the soundtrack is jazzy Christmas carols from my husband's Spotify channel.

2) The most important things are food and booze.  In order to not kill ourselves, we purchase pre-prepared where we can and stick to cold/room temperature fare.  We also condense the list of drink offerings to make it easy for everyone to serve themselves: we offer one signature cocktail (with the nonalcoholic non-fizzy ingredients mixed ahead of time so non drinkers can still mix up something fun), champagne, and beer.

3) I get obsessed about one thing: homemade desserts.  I learned to make and frost a layer cake before I knew how to boil water, so as weird and over the top as it sounds, I have a hard time being able to serve a dessert I didn't make myself.  Again, I don't want to go nuts, so I keep it simple and do things like cookies and brownies (Cook's Illustrated's molasses spice cookies have been a HUGE hit) that I can make in big batches.

4) We keep the party adults only.  The older we get, the more of our friends have children, and of course we love them!  But kids (especially the under-three set that dominate in our social circles) at this party would be a logistical nightmare: our house is so very not childproofed, it gets really crowded, and people are having a lot of fun.  I know I wouldn't want to be trying to keep track of a little one in that environment!

4) We keep traditions alive.  There's always some kind of clandestine liquor consumption going on, from a tequila shot bar to cherry cordial from Croatia mysteriously passed around in our bedroom to half the party trooping into our scary rats and bats basement area to sample my husband's whiskey collection.  My husband and I always wear plaid pants (can be spotted in photo above).  We always eat burritos before everyone arrives because we always forget to actually eat during the party. And it's always loud and warm and a bit of a mess and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Hope you're enjoying your holiday season!


Weekly Peek

Photo courtesy of Drybar

The Benefits of Membership

My husband is an amazing gift giver, and for my birthday last year he bought me a membership to Drybar, the famed chain of salons offering a short menu of blowouts only, no cuts or color.  The membership entitles me to two blowouts a month - and they stack up if I don't get around to using them!  Last week I knew I'd be attending a string of meetings and events where I'd want to look professional and polished, so I booked myself in at Drybar.  I've never gotten the same stylist twice, but I'm never disappointed and this time was no exception!

Photo courtesy of thevolunteercenter.net

Making a Contribution

One of those events I mentioned last week was The Board Match.  This is an event hosted annually in San Francisco by The Volunteer Center, where nonprofits looking for board members can connect with people who are hoping to put their skills to use in service of the community.  While I've been volunteering with the Junior League of San Francisco for years, I'm looking for other ways increase my impact.  I learned a lot at The Board Match, meeting representatives from organizations I had never even heard of before, and hopefully something fun and useful will eventually result!

Holding Up Half The Sky

I was so fortunate to be invited by a dear friend to attend the University of San Francisco's Women in Leadership & Philanthropy Luncheon and Symposium.  The keynote speakers Elle Luna, Lynne Twist, and Erin Michelson were inspiring, thought-provoking, and motivating.  While I didn't agree with or support each and every thing these women had to say, it was eye opening to hear their perspectives and experiences.  I felt challenged to do more and better, but at the same time recharged after having spent time in the company of like-minded women.  Thank you Jasmine for the lovely invitation - I so appreciated this opportunity!

Photo courtesy of JAKE

Celebrating Success

Last week wasn't all work - I dressed up my favorite JAKE leather skirt to celebrate the man himself and the opening of his gorgeous new store in Jackson Square.  Jake Wall has partnered with fellow Project Runway alum Blake Patterson to create a true destination shopping experience that features their custom lines and ready to wear capsule collections (as well as fine jewelry from Cake - love their delicate pavé diamond pieces!).  Jake is such a generous person - he has been a loyal supporter of the JLSF, and helped me out of an event related jam more than once - and I'm absolutely thrilled and honored to be even a tiny part of his success! 


Weekly Peek

Love Is All Around

My sister in law (my husband's younger sister) got married this past weekend!  It was such a happy wedding from start (they both cried as she was walking down the aisle, which of course made everyone cry) to finish (the dance floor was packed all night).  It also gave us an excuse to host some out of town family for a relaxed brunch at our house the next day.  Most of these aunts, uncles, and cousins live far away, so it was so fun to be able to provide a location for everyone to just hang out, relax, and catch up (oh, and snuggle Petunia - my husband's uncle is obsessed!).

Bloody Marys and Potato Peels

Our most recent read for book club was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Anne Shaffer and Annie Burrows.  We chose it because we really needed an upper after slogging through the incredible but horribly depressing novel The Orphan Master's Son.  Now, we were all a little wary because the title seemed to connote old ladies and doilies.  But I promise, if you like historical fiction and things about World War II you haven't necessarily read before, you should check this out.  It's a truly cozy book, which we very much enjoyed discussing over my friend's homemade Bloody Marys, egg casserole, and hash browns!

Pillow drawn by my sister after this mobile, needlepointed by me, finished by an expert!

New Projects

My nerdy hobby is needlepoint.  It's kind of like adult coloring (simple, meditative, can be done while chatting and enjoying a glass of wine) but you get something pretty and durable at the end.  Every time a close friend of mine has a baby, I make a pillow to match the nursery with the child's name on it.  It's been a fun way to keep up my hobby and at the same time think about and stay close to people I love who I may not necessarily see all the time.  It appears that there are quite a few little ones in the pipeline these days, so I'm going to be working overtime!

Photo courtesy of March of Dimes Bay Area

Sneak Peek

I'm helping to organize not one but two fundraisers this year, both for causes very close to my heart.  One must remain close to the vest for now, but I can happily announce that the Signature Chefs Gala benefiting the March of Dimes will be at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco on November 3.  Mark your calendar: some of our most fabulous chefs have already re-committed to the event, so it's going to be an amazing opportunity to sample excellent food.  And of course, it's all for the babies and their families!


Weekly Peek

We were sure Super Bowl City spelled impending doom... Photo courtesy of 7x7.com


So, there was this little thing called the Super Bowl that came to San Francisco recently.  I, like many locals, was generally grumpy about the whole thing, and not particularly excited about the hordes of revelers and accompanying traffic that would invade the city.  However, I have to admit that as I meandered my way through Super Bowl City last Friday to meet some girlfriends for lunch (near Embarcadero BART is our easiest mutual meeting point), I kind of got caught up in the excitement of it all.  I hope everyone who came to our fair city had a great time and took some of the San Francisco free spirit home with them when they left!

Photo courtesy of dispatch.com


Plus, you guys, there was a live Puppy Bowl stadium set up outside the Ferry Building!  I think I managed to stop by three times: both before and after said girls' lunch, and then again when I dragged my husband downtown the following day.  There's seriously nothing better than puppies to perk you up, especially since the volunteers would periodically pick them up and take them around to the crowd for pets and love.  There were tons of people all smooshed up close watching the puppies, and no pushing or shoving at all because everyone was literally in the enthrall of puppy magic!

Admittedly crappy cell phone pic, but look how close we were!

Nostalgia Trip

Friends of ours invited us to a Dave Matthews Band concert last Thursday.  Now, I had never been to a DMB concert before, but the Live at Red Rocks album was the soundtrack of my high school years.  Of course we had to go!  The venue was pretty small so even though we found a spot to stand at the back, we had a pretty great view of Dave and the band.  The man looks like he has not aged at all and is an amazing live performer.  

Photo courtesy of cooksillustrated.com

Party Go-to

We usually don't do anything major for the Super Bowl itself, but friends invited us over for a casual afternoon at their house with another couple and their kids.  There were 3 little ones total, which kept our attention even when the Super Bowl itself was a bit of a snooze.  The hostess had all the food covered, so I brought a batch of classic sugar cookies from the Cooks Illustrated The New Best Recipe cookbook.  The book was given to us for our wedding by one of my beloved high school teachers (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Meyer!) and every single thing I've tried from it has been excellent.  This particular recipe is a no-fail: there are no special skills required, they take about half an hour start to finish, and if you ever bake you likely already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.  

Weekly Peek

The Move

It happened, you guys.  It was a two-day process: the movers came one day to pack, and the following day to transport.  This pic used to be our bedroom and became a staging area for boxes - yikes!  Once again we could not have been happier with our experience using Delancey Street Moving, and I'll be expanding on that in an upcoming post.

It's All for the Babies!

I've been volunteering on the committee that organizes the Signature Chefs Gala to benefit March of Dimes San Francisco, held this year on November 12.  We've put together an amazing event, with tastings from over a dozen local wineries, over a dozen local restaurants including Michelin starred chefs and reality show champions, and a truly stellar live auction with items from exclusive Giants owners seats to one of a kind experiences like a walk-on role on a hit TV show and luxury getaways to Belize and Hawaii.  I hope you'll join me on November 12 to support healthy moms and healthy babies!

Sittin' Pretty in the Skybox

Last weekend was homecoming at Stanford, and my husband and I were the grateful recipients of Skybox tickets to the football game against Washington (a friend of my mom's wasn't going to be using her tickets and heard it was my husband's birthday!).  He's a proud Stanford alum and I'm a HUGE Stanford fan (sorry to my alma mater, but rooting for Princeton just doesn't have the same thrill), so we were like two giddy kids running around up there.  Of course we had to sample all the free food, catch up with staff we know from our old jobs, check out the balcony, and of course watch the game gobsmacked from our 50 yard line seats.  It may never happen again, but we made the most of the experience!

New Digs

I'm pleased to report that Petunia is greatly enjoying the new house.  The back lawn and deck catch the morning sun perfectly, and she has been enjoying many a snooze strategically placed to make the most of it.  

Rave Review: Table + Teaspoon

Remember how I discussed in this post how it’s totally ok to outsource the tasks you hate or don’t have time for?  I followed my own advice and hired my friend Liz Curtis of Table + Teaspoon to plan our anniversary party.

2015 marks 10 years as a couple and 5 years married for my husband and me, and we thought that was worth celebrating!  Our ideas were vague: gather our closest friends, fill everyone up with delicious food and drink, perhaps have a little live music.  We didn’t want to go crazy – no need to re-create our fabulous wedding that was just 5 years ago – but we wanted the event to reflect our style, both aesthetic and culinary.

Invitation from Paperless Post

This may sound strange coming from someone who is very organized, but I rather loathe event planning.   There always seem to be too many moving parts, and I always feel like I’m going to forget something.  That, and I’m terribly lacking in creativity when it comes to décor!  So we gave Liz free reign over everything – and were so glad we did!

Photo courtesy of Table + Teaspoon

From the get-go, Liz was amazing to work with.  She immediately understood what we were going for in our initial conversation, responded quickly to all our questions, and took care of every detail.  All we had to do was select the invitation from her pre-curated list of options, create a seating chart, and write the check. She did ask us to pick the dessert too… such a tough task!

Photo courtesy of Table + Teaspoon

I couldn’t have imagined a more lovely party, and it felt just like us.  A swing trio played as our guests arrived and were served champagne and delicious bites (everyone was loving the mini lobster rolls), and then we all sat down to a feast at one long table decorated in a preppy style that was perfect for us and still gave a touch of the fall season.  The wine flowed, everyone wanted more of the bourbon vanilla milkshakes that were served for dessert, and after a whiskey tasting we had to shoo everyone out the door so the staff could clean up! 

Photo courtesy of Table + Teaspoon

Liz herself was there the entire time through set-up, the event, and clean-up, and every person she hired was so kind and welcoming to us.  She found excellent vendors, from the venue to the band to the caterer, and coordinated everything seamlessly.  If anything went wrong, we never knew.

If you're planning a party, you owe it to yourself to call Liz at Table + Teaspoon.  She puts a beautiful, personal touch on everything and each event she creates is unique.  Check out her blog for more proof of her exquisite taste and creativity!