Judgement-Free Zone

I absolutely love this article from Huffington Post Home: What an Organized Person Thinks When They Enter Your Home.

#1 especially resonates with me in my personal life.  I don't necessarily love that I feel compelled to have absolutely everything put away before I leave the house/go to bed/have guests over.  It doesn't really matter in the scheme of things that I didn't return the salt and pepper grinders to their dedicated spot by the stove or move my husband's shoes from under the couch into his closet, but yet I did anyway.  It would definitely be freeing to be able to let go of the little things sometimes!

In terms of my professional life, #3 is spot on.  No one wants to take their work home with them, not even a professional organizer!  When I'm spending time with people I care about, the last thing I want to do is bore or lecture them.  Of course, I'm happy to give advice to anyone who asks, but if not, we have a lot of much more interesting things to talk about!

I personally keep a relatively organized life because it makes me happy, not to make anyone else feel bad in comparison.  And if you hire me, I'll help you get to a place where the organization in your home helps you live happier and easier, not a place where it intimidates or overwhelms you.  So, to my amazing and supportive friends, family, and clients, fear not: LMW Edits is a judgement-free zone!