Start with a complimentary consultation.

The first step is simple: schedule your complimentary From Overwhelmed to Organized Breakthrough Session with me over the phone.  We'll analyze the current state of your home, describe your vision of your ideal home environment, and strategize how to create the beautifully organized home you've always wanted.  

Then, choose an organizing package and start your project with LMW! Here's how it works:


1. The Edit

When we begin working together, the first step is the most important: the edit.  Only the pieces that truly serve you will have a place in your beautifully organized home.


2. The Strategy

Next, we’ll analyze your spatial and storage needs, making purchases if necessary.  I’ll customize recommendations for your space, budget, and personal style.


3. The STYLE

 Finally, we’ll place and style each item within your space, creating a home that will enable you to present yourself to the world in the way you’ve always wanted to.  

Get your complimentary copy of my guide, How to Organize Your Closet, and get started on creating the closet of your dreams!