Your Road Map to Organizing Success

Ready to tackle your organizing project yourself but want expert advice to help you get started and ensure that the process stays on track? During The Strategy Session, a Professional Organizing Package from LMW Edits, a professional organizer will give you the resources, framework, and tricks of the trade you need to transform your space. 


The Strategy Session

Get your DIY organizing project started on the right foot with expert coaching, strategy, and recommendations.  Together, you and your LMW Edits professional organizer will draw up a blueprint that you can use to create and maintain an organized home environment specifically tailored to your needs and style.

Your 3 hour The Strategy Session Professional Organizing Package includes:

  • An overall organizing strategy for maximizing utility and aesthetic appeal in your space

  • Demonstration of the decluttering process

  • Product and service recommendations for any needs that come up during the session

  • A take-away document summarizing the process and strategy with links to product recommendations and contact info for service providers

  • Follow up phone call to check in on your progress and address any questions or concerns that have come up

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