Super Bowl

Weekly Peek

We were sure Super Bowl City spelled impending doom... Photo courtesy of


So, there was this little thing called the Super Bowl that came to San Francisco recently.  I, like many locals, was generally grumpy about the whole thing, and not particularly excited about the hordes of revelers and accompanying traffic that would invade the city.  However, I have to admit that as I meandered my way through Super Bowl City last Friday to meet some girlfriends for lunch (near Embarcadero BART is our easiest mutual meeting point), I kind of got caught up in the excitement of it all.  I hope everyone who came to our fair city had a great time and took some of the San Francisco free spirit home with them when they left!

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Plus, you guys, there was a live Puppy Bowl stadium set up outside the Ferry Building!  I think I managed to stop by three times: both before and after said girls' lunch, and then again when I dragged my husband downtown the following day.  There's seriously nothing better than puppies to perk you up, especially since the volunteers would periodically pick them up and take them around to the crowd for pets and love.  There were tons of people all smooshed up close watching the puppies, and no pushing or shoving at all because everyone was literally in the enthrall of puppy magic!

Admittedly crappy cell phone pic, but look how close we were!

Nostalgia Trip

Friends of ours invited us to a Dave Matthews Band concert last Thursday.  Now, I had never been to a DMB concert before, but the Live at Red Rocks album was the soundtrack of my high school years.  Of course we had to go!  The venue was pretty small so even though we found a spot to stand at the back, we had a pretty great view of Dave and the band.  The man looks like he has not aged at all and is an amazing live performer.  

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Party Go-to

We usually don't do anything major for the Super Bowl itself, but friends invited us over for a casual afternoon at their house with another couple and their kids.  There were 3 little ones total, which kept our attention even when the Super Bowl itself was a bit of a snooze.  The hostess had all the food covered, so I brought a batch of classic sugar cookies from the Cooks Illustrated The New Best Recipe cookbook.  The book was given to us for our wedding by one of my beloved high school teachers (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Meyer!) and every single thing I've tried from it has been excellent.  This particular recipe is a no-fail: there are no special skills required, they take about half an hour start to finish, and if you ever bake you likely already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.