Resources for an Organized Move Part 1

It’s key to get organized before you move, as I mentioned in this post.  However, decluttering is a bit tougher with larger items like furniture and electronics – what do you do with them? How do you move them? There are local consignment shops here in San Francisco that I’ve researched, but I’ve always stopped short of using any of them because of one major drawback: you have to get the furniture to the store yourself! 

Item uploading window from

And then I discovered Move Loot*.  This startup, which is already in many locations nationwide, takes the hassle out of furniture consignment. The process is seriously easy: you fill in the very simple form to describe each one of your pieces that requires zero creativity on your part (please take note, Style Lend!) and upload a few photos (they recommend 3-4).  A Move Loot representative gets back to you within 24 hours with an offer on your stuff, which you can choose to accept or reject.  If you accept the offer, you can select a day for the pickup and specify morning or afternoon.  You then get a confirmation email, and a text a couple of days before the pickup refining your pickup window to just one hour.  Really!

A listing for one of the items I submitted on

Even though one item I submitted was significantly scratched, all my pieces were accepted.  I submitted everything from name brand to complete unknown, all used but in good condition, and that seemed to be the type of thing Move Loot is looking for.

As for the in-person service, it was just as smooth.  Two nice guys in Move Loot t-shirts showed up in a logo van at my doorstep, fully prepared with tools. I pointed out the pieces to them, and then they went to work.  They were careful, damaged nothing, and even took apart a big four-poster bed that definitely wasn’t going to fit through the doorway.

Of course, you aren’t going to make a huge return on your furniture consignment.  Move Loot gives you an estimated payout range, because your payout does depend on what your pieces fetch on their site from the highest bidder, and it ends up being about a quarter to a third of the original price.  But for overall value and ease of use, I’d say that Move Loot is definitely the way to go!


*This post contains referral links, which will earn me cash back or shopping credit on the linked sites.  I was not asked by any of these companies to advertise their products or services.