First post

Every Object...

…has a purpose and a place.

Seems simple, right?

Try this:

Look at the flat surface nearest to you, right now. 

Can you easily define the function of each item, even if that function is decorative, and put it where it belongs? 

Going further, do you need it for that function, and does its location help you use it as intended?


Organization isn’t something to be done to prove that you are An Organized Person – organization actually makes your life easier!  Imagine knowing that everything in your home has a purpose and a place.  How much easier would it be to get out the door, do DIY projects, make dinner, get dressed, host parties, and the hundreds of other things we do everyday to facilitate time with the people we love?

If you’re in San Francisco, I can help!  Click on the Contact tab above to get started.  And even if you’re not in the area, watch this space for organizational tips and advice, as well as a peek into how I organize my life – always a work in progress.  Thanks for your support!