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Vogue’s March Cover Celebrates “No Norm Is The New Norm” By Adhering To Norms

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan write the way I wish my inner voice spoke: with warmth, humor, impeccable word choice, and incisive analytical ability..  I've been reading their fashion blog Go Fug Yourself since the early days, and I love that they're willing to engage on social issues along with red carpet reviews.

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Charcoal, Old-School Pizza, and Every Other Food Trend You'll See in 2017

I've been a fan of cauliflower for a long time (my mom used to puree it as a side dish and I always thought it was the ultimate comfort food) but I have to admit that most of the things on this list are completely off my radar!

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Our Laws Period-Shame Women—So I'm Going to Change Them

The experience of reading this op-ed by Congresswoman Grace Meng was another "check your privilege" moment for me.  I remain appalled at the ways in which our society refuses to openly deal with a natural process that is experienced by literally over half the population.

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Are You Not Washing Your Hair Enough?

Well, THIS is timely, given my recent post about my stripped down hair care routine!  I now feel like I have to clarify and say that when I wash my hair, I really wash it, and also specify that since I don't use any styling products I don't get the kind of gunky buildup the article talks about.  Blow dry bars don't wash hair all that thoroughly, ladies, and then they top it off with tons of product.  Ew!