Weekly Peek

I’m Feeling Very Olympic Today

 (Bonus points are awarded to those of you who recognize the movie quote, and aren’t horrified by my truly terrible taste in film.) I just joined the Olympic Club, the oldest amateur athletic club on the west coast.  Other than socializing and using the truly impressive gym facilities, I plan to ski for their championship winning team.  Although I'm an expert skier I have virtually no race experience, but apparently there are handicapped levels, so I’ll be able to contribute in some way.

One Tequila, Two Tequila…

My husband took me and a couple of our friends to a tequila and mezcal tasting at The Battery a couple of weeks ago. The group consensus going in was that mezcal was preferred over tequila due to more flavor complexity, so we headed straight for Del Maguey, a mezcal-only producer that was the first to introduce the spirit to the US market.  The variations based on elevation, climate, and plant type are actually really easy to taste, and completely ruined us for the other brands we tasted later!  My husband also always insists that we visit the photo booth room every time we bring friends to The Battery, and you can see that the mezcal helped with photo friendliness...

Photo courtesy of iflysfbay.com - Yes, that's me!

Photo courtesy of iflysfbay.com - Yes, that's me!

Bucket List Item: Checked

I have always wanted to do indoor skydiving.  You know, with a vertical wind tunnel, dorky glasses, and a funny one piece suit.  So when I saw passes for two at iFly at the Counterpulse Magenta Party silent auction, I knew they had to be mine.  We finally found time to go last weekend, and it was a ton of fun.  The feeling of floating is so amazing - it's all the magic of a gravity free existence without the sheer terror of extended free fall.  I know of what I speak: I have actually been real skydiving, once, when I was 22.  My dad got it for me as a Christmas present and we went together (fun fact: my mom stayed buried in bed until he called her to report we were both safe on the ground), and I was so terrified that I screamed from the moment I exited the plane until the second my partner pulled the chute (I'm sure he was thrilled).  Bottom line on the iFly version: tons of fun, would do again!

Photo courtesy of Annette Blum

Activist Book Club

My amazing book club, which I've discussed here before, has also become a de-facto Women's March huddle for our little group.  And so, when we read about sending postcards to our elected officials because phone lines have been so jammed, we sprang into action.  One girl printed out the official Women's March postcards, one bought postcard stamps, somebody brought her impressive collection of washi tape, I contributed printed quote images and colored Sharpies, and we got our activist craft on.  We sent postcards to Senators Feinstein and Harris, our individual Representatives (we come from at least 3 Bay Area districts), and of course the Speaker of the House.  It's a small thing, but it led to great discussions about what we want our elected officials to actually do (as opposed to expressing general anger at the current state of things).