Goop Knows Best

You guys, I have to admit it: I have a total love/hate relationship with goop.  If you haven’t already been introduced, goop is Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand/newsletter/shop/advice column. 

Why do I love goop?  Well, for starters, the taste level is impeccable.  The goop aesthetic is simple, clean, and imbued with a mature yet cool style.  In addition, the editors really do their research.  When it comes to fashion and product recommendations, goop takes a less-is-more approach, and everything is clearly fully vetted and tested.

Why do I hate it?  Goop promotes a modern version of keeping up with the Joneses to a staggering degree.  Each newsletter leaves me feel like I can never possibly keep up with all the things I should be doing and buying to become a healthier, fitter, more self-actualized version of me – or at least, the version of a modern woman that goop is marketing.  Goop also does a serious amount of fear mongering, particularly when it comes to beauty products, which drives me batty.  Just because something is natural doesn’t make it nontoxic, and just because a chemical is lab-created doesn’t make it harmful!  And of course, many writers more eloquent than I have waxed poetic about how out of touch goop is with real women’s lives. 

In order to appropriately consume goop, I feel like the proverbial grain of salt is essential.  If you make it your bible, you’re just going to start feeling inadequate, but if you can filter for the information you need, you’ll find a lot that is helpful.

And go figure, goop’s closet organizing advice is absolutely on point.  In her Organization Tips from the Goop Fashion Closet, fashion director Laurie Trott shares some common organizing tips (seriously, huggable hangers are essential), but also brings up some strategies I and other professional organizers use that haven’t made it to the mainstream (organizing by accessibility and frequency of use, rather than just what fits where).  Of course, the unreachable standard still applies here: I am not a mood board person and I’m totally fine with that, so I’m a bit exasperated with the suggestion that a hard copy mood board in one’s closet is an essential organizing tool.

Do you read goop?  Love it, hate it, or both?