What I'm Organizing

I always keep my Christmas decorations up through the new year - it all seems like part of the same festive season to me, especially when we host a New Year's Eve party like we do most years.  But the time finally came to move on so I spent a couple of hours last week putting everything away.  I didn't take any pictures this year, but this post from January 2015 still just about covers it!  The same concept holds true with all things: organize them as you put them away so that there's no extra work when you take them out again.

I'm actually working with a really fun couple right now who belatedly realized the wisdom of organizing first.  They just bought their first home in San Francisco and, given that they were both busy with work and family and holidays, just had everything quickly packed and moved from their apartment.  They called me after spending a few weeks trying to unpack in their spare time and realizing that they needed to seriously declutter and create some organization systems in the unique nooks and crannies of their new home.  While I wish I could have started their project before the move to make it easier on them, it's still so much fun to help them set up their new home!

What organizing projects are you planning in the new year?