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Why We Love to Hate McMansions But Still Buy Them

I'm never going to be a McMansion customer - I love urban living and happily give up space in order to do it.  But I also never really thought about the unique ways in which they represent our culture over and above the mismatched decorative elements!

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Travelers With Nut Allergies Clash With Airlines

My husband is severely allergic to peanuts, so this issue is very real for us.  To manage the situation we fly United exclusively, since they do not serve peanuts and his allergy is such that if one or two people eat a Snickers bar on the flight he won't be affected.  I'm pretty shocked at some airlines' responses to allergies, though - there are a lot of kids out there with food allergies who will soon be paying customers!

Circling the Sun

Our next book club meeting is on Sunday, and this time around we chose Circling the Sun by Paula McLain since a few of us loved another of her books, The Paris Wife.  As a kid, historical fiction was my jam, and reading this book did take me back!  However, I have to say I liked it but didn't love it - some of the characters felt one-dimensional to me even though they're based on real people.

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America is Still the Future: A Love Letter to My New Country

My husband sent this article to me since Andrew Sullivan is one of his favorite conservative writers.  There is a brief moment towards the beginning where he almost loses me with clueless white privilege, but he does bring it around and I really enjoyed the perspective.