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The 5 Craziest Hours in the White House

When you think about it, there a lot of ways our American tradition of peaceful government transitions is pretty impressive.  But have you ever thought about the nitty gritty logistics?

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Chattering Classes

One of my closest friends, who also started our legendary book club, sent us this link the other day.  Groups of women often get accused of gossip and catty chatter, but I actually find many of our meetings adhere to these time honored conversational rules!

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The Banned Books Your Child Should Read

This looks a lot more like my childhood reading list than a banned book list!  Sometimes people like to protect children from certain less pleasant realities, but to a kid that can feel like dishonesty - and what these books have in common besides high quality writing is honesty.

9 So-Called Home Décor Rules That You Should Break, According to These Interior Designers  

I was sort of nodding along absentmindedly while reading this, until I got to the last point.  A striped ceiling? As an unabashed lover of stripes, that sounds pretty fantastic to me.  Now I'm wondering how it would look in my living room... or maybe our kitchen/great room!