What I'm Organizing

As I type, I'm stalling on packing to come home from Italy. As ever, more things are coming home with me than arrived in my suitcase, but there should be enough space for everything. I have a longer post with pics planned on exactly what I packed, but for now I'll say that I'm very pleased with what I brought!

As promised, I wanted to a quick update on the Scrubba travel wash bag.  If you, like me, refuse to pay the usurious rates hotels charge to send out laundry, and don't feel like spending hours of your precious trip holed up in a laundromat, I can heartily recommend the Scrubba as an excellent solution. It really does work exactly as described, when used as we did with individual travel pouches of Woolite detergent. Our clothes got fully clean in one wash, and they felt and smelled exactly like machine washed clothes.

Directions are printed on the side, so throw away the instruction booklet! 

Directions are printed on the side, so throw away the instruction booklet! 

A couple of tips, from us to you:

  1. There is a certain amount of physical effort required to scrub for 3 minutes straight! So, perhaps do your washing before you shower.
  2. The bag is rather small (I'd say the largest load we did involved a couple pairs of each of our underwear and a couple of t-shirts), so we recommend doing one small load every day or two instead of letting things pile up. 
  3. The more diligent you are about rinsing, the better the results. I throughly swirled each load in a full sink of clean water at least 3 times.
  4. Wring each item thoroughly and then shake out and position carefully to hang dry to avoid wrinkles or stiffness (we found the fabric strips of a standard folding luggage rack work really well for hang drying underwear and socks!).

And now, to pack.