What I'm Reading

Dinner, Disrupted

Is the food bubble as real as the tech bubble?  I'm never one to be doom and gloom about any current trend, since change is the order of the world, but there are some interesting insights here.

Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com (Maddie Meyer, Getty Images)

Simone Biles' Mental Gymnastics

This came out before the Olympics but it's still a rare inside look at the life and mind of one of the greatest athletes (if not THE greatest, although Katie Ledecky is giving her a run for her money) of our time.  Fun to re-read now that we know what happened next, too!

Photo courtesy of refinery29.com (Nick Onken)

How I Moved On From My What Not To Wear Style

Did you, like me, spend any sick days during the 2000's curled up on the couch with reruns of What Not To Wear?  If so, you probably also have a soft spot in your heart for Stacy London.  And as it turns out, Stacy London continues to kick ass, even when said ass kicking doesn't follow a common path.

Photo courtesy of townandcountrymag.com (Getty Images)

How Cantor Fitzgerald Survived September 11

This article is an oldie, but such a fascinating discovery that I had to include it.  Talk about restoring your faith in humanity!