What I'm Organizing

I was a lucky kid - my parents love to travel and they took us everywhere with them.  But high school and college hit, and there was homework and college applications and summer internships and adventures with friends, and there wasn't much time for family travel.  And then there were my twenties, with limited budget and even more limited vacation time, so any trips stayed relatively closet to home.

I'm now a lucky adult - both my husband and I love to travel, and we've prioritized it.  My parents, of course, have been going strong the whole time and aggressively taking down their travel bucket list, from Antarctica to Iran (yes really!) and everywhere in between.  And sometimes, we're lucky enough that they take us along on their adventures.

This time, we're going to Italy.  I haven't been since I was 10 years old.  My husband has never been.  We're, as you might imagine, totally pumped.

Photo courtesy of amazon.com

And so, my organizational challenge right now is to pack.  Pack to look fashion forward and as un-sweaty as possible in still-warm late summer temps, and to be comfortable roaming cobblestone streets in old cities.  I am bound and determined to do it in a carry on, and I've purchased the Scrubba Portable Laundry System to assist my efforts.  Will report back!