Weekly Peek

All Summer Long

All good things must come to an end, and so must summer.  For me, summer = long weekends at Lake Tahoe, since San Francisco is usually socked in by fog, and this year we were able to take quite a few trips up with friends to enjoy the warm sun, freezing water, and mountain air.  Petunia even tried her hand at swimming - it seems all it takes is a stick to get her to dive in!

History Lessons

A friend of ours suggested we go see Latin History for Morons, John Leguizamo's one man show which played at the Berkeley Rep this summer.  Having read an article about it, I jumped at the chance, and loved the show - Leguizamo is as manically energetic in person as you might imagine from some of his movie roles, and gives great insight not only into his personal struggle with his history but also his ongoing efforts at fatherhood.  Plus, the Berkeley Rep is a great venue - I'd never been before!

Good times in OEC class - my sister (and fellow patroller) demonstrating a knee bandage on me

Back to School

With the arrival of fall comes the annual Outdoor Emergency Care class, the medical certification required to be a ski patroller.  A friend of mine from my patrol organizes the class held in the South Bay, and I and many other patrollers volunteer to help teach the class every year.  I'm now a certified instructor, so a couple of weeks ago I gave the lecture on soft tissue injuries and demonstrated bandaging techniques.  It's a stressful class as a candidate - when I took it, I found it to be one of the biggest challenges I'd faced - but really fun to give back and help out as a more experienced patroller.

Photo courtesy of yanksing.com

Another Bucket List Restaurant - Checked!

I've lived in San Francisco for a total of nearly ten years, and I'd never been to Yank Sing, the famed dim sum restaurant in the city.  My paltry excuse is that my husband is deathly allergic to nuts and so avoids all restaurants where there might be a communication issue around what exactly constitutes a nut and which things have touched it.  Fortunately, Yank Sing is in the perfect location for my girlfriends to meet up for a weekday lunch, and we tackled the dim sum with hungry stomachs and a lot of shrieking and laughing for a totally sober gathering!  I'm please to report that it was everything you want in dim sum - all the delicious dumplings and delicacies, made fresh and with high quality ingredients.  I will definitely be going back!