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10 Things to Watch Out for At The Nail Salon

Personally, the day I stopped letting nail techs cut my cuticles changed my life.  I'm an incurable picker (I know, gross), and the shards left from cuticle clipping would lead me to pick which would lead to disgusting bloody cuticles.  Pushing back cuticles is plenty, please and thank you!

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Where to Shop: My Favorite Ethical Retailers and Designers

I'm pleasantly surprised that I only recognize a few on this list, and look forward to exploring many of these designers.  As I always say, it's more than possible to consume ethically and dress fashionably.

Lake Tahoe Experienced a Record-Breaking Year in 2015

Think climate change is perhaps overblown?  Think again.  All of us who live, visit, and work at Tahoe are watching the signs with trepidation - warming means the potential end of the ski industry in our area, and and with it the livelihood of thousands of people.