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5 Myths About The Michelin Guide Debunked

My husband and I swear by the Michelin Guides for travel, so I loved this insider look at the Michelin inspectors' process.

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You're Washing Your Clothes Wrong

I myself am a recovering overly aggressive launderer.  Follow these tips (delivered in Jake's signature style of course!) to keep your high quality pieces fresher longer.  

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Your Beauty Products Are Not Killing You

Perfectly reasonable people I know well are tearing their hair out over sensationalist media pieces telling them to throw away all their beauty standbys.  Stop the madness!

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Design Classics to Invest In - And Why It's a Bad Idea to Buy Fakes

Copycats and fakes that dilute the industry are common in interior design as well as fashion.  I'm not personally drawn to the contemporary or midcentury look, but if you are here's a compelling argument to invest wisely if budget allows.