What I'm Reading

Not everything I read online is organizing related!  In an effort to share more of my interests with you, I thought I'd show you a few articles I found interesting, thought-provoking, or just plain funny.

Photo courtesy of harpersbazaar.com

10 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2016

I actually try really hard NOT to follow interior design trends, since interiors are quickly following fashion into the death spiral of fast cycles and pressure to buy more, more, more.  As my friend Liz notes in her blog post this week, chevron, ikat, and other formerly hot trends have been done to death.  However, I'm already on board with a few of these larger themes, especially the formal dining room (we really use ours!) and the tech-free living room (TV in the den only since 2010).

Image courtesy of John Cuneo via nytimes.com

'The Arrangements:' A Work of Fiction

I can always count on my mom to keep me abreast of the New York Times' finest and all I have to say is: this is a must read.  Could truth really be stranger than fiction?

Fashion and Beauty Secrets from LA's Most Stylish Older Women

I've heard women a generation ahead of me talk about themselves in dispiriting terms: they say they feel frumpy, too old for fashion, that they're just a mom (or grandma) now, so why bother?  This article is an inspirational reminder that personal style is for everyone, no matter her age.  If I have even half the pizzazz of these ladies in forty years, I'll be pretty proud of myself!

Counterfeit Beauty Products Are On The Rise

Yikes.  I should note that I just read a notice on Algenist's website that they do not approve sale of their products through Amazon and therefore their products listed there are likely to be fakes.  The allure of a good price is strong, but I think I'm done ordering cosmetics from non-affiliated retailers!