Navy Blue 4 Life

As a fashion-loving girl, I sympathize whole-heartedly with my clients and friends whose closets are overstuffed.  There are so many beautiful things and so many possible trends to try, so many colors and fabrics and textures!

That’s why I loved this slideshow from Refinery 29: What’s Your Fashion “Thing?” 14 Women Weigh In.  It’s a powerful reminder that some of the most stylish women actually don’t try everything, but carefully pick and choose their looks.

From an organizing perspective, the best part about discovering your fashion “thing” is that it will allow you to effectively edit your current closet and make wiser purchases going forward.  It’s also a shopping shortcut, saving you browsing and trying-on time.

Of course, your fashion “thing” can definitely change over time!  In my twenties, my thing was anything girly and bright colored.  I was all over ruffles, bows, and eyelet; strapless dresses, short skirts and curve hugging pants; a rainbow of pinks and blues and turquoises. 

These days, now well into my thirties, I feel like I inhabit a weird place in between young and... not.  If I dress too mature I look like I went shopping in my grandmother’s closet, and if I dress too playful I look like I’m in abject denial.  

As a result, my new “thing” is fit and proportion.  I’m both pear shaped and short-legged and find that well tailored clothes flatter me best (the current layered androgyny trend is NOT my friend – thankyouverymuch for nothing to The Row).  Excellent fit is as important for highlighting my long waist and narrow shoulders as it is for making sure my more… ahem… sizeable bottom half and legs are properly flattered.  And if I do experiment with volume and drape I always make sure to cinch a waist or create a contrast (I at first scoffed hardcore at the half-tucked shirt as seen on every J. Crew catalog model since 2014 but I have to admit I've become a convert).

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That, and I’m forever drawn to anything – seriously, ANYTHING – in navy blue.  My favorite purchase this summer combined both my fashion things: this Helmut Lang maxi skirt in navy sits at my natural waist, where it’s perfect for tucking in a drapey silk blouse or topping with a simple cotton crop top.