Organize Your Digital Life

I talk a lot about organization of your material possessions here, but it’s just as important to keep your tech life organized, too.  While all the marvels of modern technology can help us be more efficient in ways I could never have dreamed of when I was eight talking on the landline phone with my best friend, they can also really slow us down if we don’t use them properly.

This article was more of a New Year’s Resolution piece, but it’s pretty much always relevant.  Nicole Nguyen breaks down the 13 Tech Resolutions Everyone Should Make for Buzzfeed – which means easy reading and funny pics!

So, how am I, the professional organizer, doing at keeping my tech life organized?

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  1. Check.  I am a LastPass convert and pay for the premium service so I can use it across all my devices.  Plus, I can share passwords if I need to, so my husband can get into my Mileage Plus account to book travel.
  2. Ehhhh… iffy.  I have 2 factor enabled on my Google account, because if my email got hacked I’d be so far up a creek I don’t even know how I’d get back down, but I haven’t enabled it on anything else.
  3. Pretty good.  I’m not much of a podcast of video consumer so I don’t actually put a lot of content on my phone.  What I do have are photos… so many photos… because of my dog’s Instagram account.  Yep.
  4. Halfway there.  My digital photos are all on iCloud, but my physical photos remain in albums.  There are services that will scan your photos directly from albums to storage, but I have yet to get around to that step.
  5. Check.  I only really use earbuds on flights or when going for a run but either way… yuck and a half.  I swear by these Shure earbuds.  The smallest size foam pad is the only thing that keeps my brain from trying to explode out of a vacuum between my ears, and I just buy a bunch at once and switch them out when things get sketchy.
  6. I actually have an alternate solution: I maintain an entire email account solely for spam.  I’ve done this for quite a few years now and really like it.  It keeps my promotional emails out of sight and out of mind if I’m busy, doesn’t clog my main email account, and still keeps shipping notifications and sale emails accessible.
  7. Close.  As I type, I have 9 tabs open, but this is pretty unusual for me.  I keep 2 tabs open constantly (Gmail and Google Calendar), and only open what I need at any one time from there.  I also use tabs as a sort of to-do list since it bugs me to have a bunch of them open, so that I get to close one when I finish a task. 
  8. Check.  One file is sitting on my desktop, and that’s only because it’s still an action item.  I file or delete as I use things I download.
  9. Bad.  So very bad.  I use my phone as my alarm clock, as many of us do, and pretty much the only thing that will come between me and my pre-bed screen time is the latest issue of Vogue.
  10. Check.  This is one of those things that has always bugged me.  I enter full names for any phone numbers I receive, and hate finding double entries.
  11. Check.  My personal Instagram is private, my Facebook account locked down within an inch of its life, and I only add people I have actually met across all social platforms.
  12. Check.  Thank you, Apple, for giving us the "dowload later" button!
  13. Check.  My documents and music are backed up to an external hard drive (yes, I am a philistine that still uses iTunes rather than Spotify).

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How did you do on tech organization?  Now is as good a time as any to get your screens in order!