A Quick Tip From Me to You

I started talking in this post about the indicators of an organized person – in other words, what makes a woman appear to have her sh*t together.  I know when I think of leading an organized life, I think of looking polished and well groomed.  And although it can seem from a distance like looking polished takes a lot of effort, so much of this stuff is getting organized up front so that it becomes routine maintenance rather than a major ordeal.

Two major ways to look well groomed are to keep up with the hairs that grow out of your head: yes, I’m talking about hair and brows.  A properly shaped brow will do wonders for your face no matter how much makeup you’re wearing on a given day, and well maintained hair just looks more put together no matter the length or cut.

I leave both of these things to the professionals.  Professionals who I have found over the years, come to trust, and follow literally all over town as they change jobs and salons.  Specifically Julia Arnau, the greatest brow artist in San Francisco (and also an excellent person to talk to if you need an apartment in North Beach), and Jenn Acierto, the person who knows that above all else hair should look healthy, and that switching up your look is never a bad thing!  Neither of them work out of the fancy name brand salons, but the trust I have in them irreplaceable.

The best part about beauty maintenance is the feeling of stepping out of the salon with a fresh cut or a newly reshaped brow.  The worst?  Remembering to make the appointments in the first place!

So here’s my little tip, once you find your professionals of choice.  Each and every time you finish up your appointment, make the next one then and there.  I live and die by my Google Calendar, so it’s super easy to pull out my phone, look the requisite number of weeks in advance, and make the appointment.

Your provider will thank you – they love regular business!  And you’ll thank yourself, because you’ll find your butt back in the chair before things really get scraggly and you start thinking about yet another thing to add to your to-do list.

Coming soon: my four product basic beauty routine, shown here.

I just got a fresh summer chop today, made an appointment for 12 weeks from now, and feel effing fabulous.  Here I go into the spring, still working on having my sh*t together!