Weekly Peek

Ethics in Tech

I had the opportunity to hear Terry Kramer, adjunct professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, speak at an alumni brunch last weekend.  He gave an engaging talk on the state of the telecommunications industry, but to me the most powerful take away came at the end of his lecture.  He exhorted his audience to understand the existence and importance of the digital divide in the US: that is, the gap of knowledge and experience with advanced technology that exists between power users in cities, and ordinary citizens whose jobs are threatened by the technology that can eventually replace them.  He firmly believes that the tech industry needs leaders who understand this divide, the impact it has on voting and public policy, and the ways those effects rebound back onto their businesses.  Professor Kramer didn't have many kind words for the tech CEO as new world messiah leading from on high - he reminded us all to engage with our whole community and understand the ways in which we're all connected.

Chateau for an Afternoon

Last weekend, the Junior League of San Francisco hosted its annual sustainer tea, to honor and celebrate our long term sustaining members.  The event was sold out - possibly due to its setting at the rather difficult to access Carolands chateau in Hillsborough.  To be honest I had never heard of Carolands, but it's a pretty dead-on replica of a classic French chateau and was a lovely setting for a ladies' tea.  

Ballerina Dreams

Not that it's obvious these days, but I was a dancer for most of my life.  I started with ballet at age 4 and was hooked, eventually moving on to modern dance in high school and learning whatever my friends would choreograph for us in my student company in college (shout out to Expressions Dance Co.!).  I was never going to be a professional, but I still love the opportunity to get back in the studio and when I found out that the San Francisco Ballet holds adult classes I knew I had to try them out.  It turns out, the classes are exactly right for aging wannabes like me!  You can wear regular workout clothes and there's no shaming if you get lost, but if you use your technique for each step it's an amazing workout.  

Photo courtesy of tongaroom.com

Tonga! Tonga!

If you haven't been to San Francisco's iconic tiki bar in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel yet, you really should go.  A total throwback to the postwar era, the Tonga Room remains magically, cheesily unchanged, right down to the bandstand floating in the center of the 1920's-era swimming pool and the choreographed rainstorm every hour.  I recently visited with a whole bunch of my extended family after a big get together, and I have to say there's no family bonding like sharing lava bowls!