Resources for an Organized Move Part 4

Our last move five years ago still stands out in my mind as an epically uncomfortable time.  Not only did I not get to use my favorite movers, but we were also unprepared for the sheer volume of stuff and didn’t strategize appropriately.  Learn from my mistakes and organize throughout your move so that you can reduce your own pain and suffering!

1)   Pack a suitcase for the week surrounding your move.  Even if you label every box correctly, it’s still going to take you a few days to find and unpack your closet.  Having a reliable stash of the clothes, accessories, and toiletries you need will go a long way towards making the transition more comfortable.

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2)   Get an inflatable mattress, and bring that, your packed suitcase, and a full set of towels and bedding (including mattress pad and all your pillows for maximum comfort) to your new place the night before the move.  That way, you’re not trying to make a mad dash to throw everything together in the morning before the movers arrive.  And, if you’re moving more than one or two bedrooms your move will likely take more than one day, so now you have a comfy and free place to sleep in the middle.  We love the queen sized Aerobed sold at Costco because it’s really easy to use and super comfortable – I actually woke up the first morning at our new place dreaming I was in my old bed!

3)   Make sure every box gets labeled with both contents and location.  This way, you only have to move a box into your new place once, instead of having to transport things from a giant pile in one room.

Each box had exactly the same amount of packing paper in it...

4)   As you’re unpacking, take the time to flatten and stack the newsprint that movers use to pad items as they pack them.  You would be amazed at the amount of space that stuff can take up.  Even if you crumple it as tightly as you can, it expands and practically becomes sentient.  Bonus: if you keep your boxes and packing materials neat and tidy as you unpack, they’ll be easier to sell or give away!

5)   Unpack your bedroom and bathroom first.  There’s takeout in the world so dishes can wait, but nothing will make you feel human like a good night’s sleep in your own bed and getting ready in the morning with all your stuff close at hand.

Let me know if you can think of any other must-have tips for moving!