What I'm Organizing

Deep breath in, deep breath out: we're into the home stretch of the holiday season!

There are two major hurdles for my holiday season every year: planning our holiday party, and Christmas shopping.  Said party went off without a hitch on Saturday night, and I just placed the final present order this morning (turns out it's hard to find a Sophie the Giraffe that will ship before Christmas...).  So now, I'm taking a breath, and savoring this last week of the festive season.

Oh yes, and there's the matter of wrapping those presents!  I generally sit down to do them all in one fell swoop.  I make an event of it: gather all the presents and all my wrapping materials, blast my ever so cheesy Christmas song playlist that I originally put together circa 2002 (so there are some amazingly bad boy band numbers on there), and perhaps sip a glass of spiked eggnog (Clover makes the best in my opinion, and Maker's Mark bourbon fits right in on a chilly evening).  

I approach present wrapping in much the same way I approach everything else: keep it simple, keep it classic.  I bought the wrapping paper and ribbon you see here at Costco 2 and 3 years ago, and it's still going strong!  There are definitely more flamboyant options, but they usually carry some good classics like this silver stripe and the white ribbon - which can do double duty for various events other than Christmas as well.  Then I just slap on a sticky gift tag and call it good!