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Clutter Stresses You Out, According To Science

Of course I'm going to toot my own horn first!  Brute Storage, a valet storage service, recently featured a slightly edited version of one of my previous posts on their blog.  They also featured me as one of their recommended organizers.  Thank you, Brute Storage!

Photo courtesy of harpersbazaar.com (Patrick T. Fallon)

Meet the Republican Party's Makeup Artist

Sometimes things like political conventions seem like giant impersonal machines, but this is a good reminder that ultimately everything happens thanks to individuals doing their jobs well.

Photo courtesy of 10news.com

Therapy Pig Roams San Francisco Airport

I've seen therapy dogs at SFO before, and there's nothing like a good snuggle in golden retriever fur on a travel day. But I didn't know about the pig! How sad am I that I don't have to go the airport again this calendar year??

Photo courtesy of nytimes.com (Patricia Wall)

"The Revenge of Analog:" See It. Feel It. Touch It. (Don't Click)

This one is courtesy of my dad, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the content of the New York Times.  While I haven't read the book, I think the review could take the analysis a step farther: I for one am seeing not only analog perceived as better, but analog used to signal luxury and wealth.