Weekly Peek

Petunia, positively delighted by all the attention she got at Fleet Week

Doing Fleet Week?

I was alerted by a friend who recently moved here from NYC that the phrase "doing Fleet Week" has a different meaning there.  Here, it means going to Marina Green (or someone's rooftop, if you're lucky) to watch the Blue Angels air show.  There it means... not that!  Cue me turning bright red.  Anyway, a really good friend celebrates her birthday by taking a picnic to the air show every year and she has it down pat: she and her husband go early, bring lots of umbrellas and blankets and coolers, and stake out a prime spot behind the VIP viewing area.  It's a really relaxed, good time to catch up with friends, and we even get in a little exercise since the parking situation is so insane we walk the 2+ miles from our house with Petunia.  Every year I think maybe I'm not that excited so see the Blue Angels, and every year they blow me away!

Photo courtesy of yelp.com

Neighborhood Spot

My husband and I have recently been lamenting that we haven't been trying enough new restaurants.  Living in San Francisco, home of foodies and organic local everything, we could never hope to keep up with all the openings, but still we find ourselves going back to the same few favorites.  It's hard not to, when there are so many great options within walking distance!  We recently headed out for a leisurely weeknight double date to Tataki.  This Japanese restaurant is a local favorite, partly because it only serves sustainable seafood, but also because everything is just so delicious.  It's the perfect place to go when you're craving authentic Japanese food (as opposed to your garden variety cheap sushi joint) but not looking for a big deal omakase experience.

Still smiling at the reunion tailgate!

10 Years Later

We recently attended my husband's 10th Stanford reunion.  Although I'm literally the only person in my immediate family without a Stanford degree (plus a couple of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents... we're one of THOSE families), the place is very special to me because that's where we met and fell in love.  So, in a way, his reunions feel like coming home!  In order to make sure we could attend all the events without going crazy, we spent all our hoarded American Express points on a room at the Rosewood Sand Hill for the weekend.  And we're so glad we did: the hotel is gorgeous, even the basic rooms are big and luxurious, and the service is truly stellar.  

Family Friendly Halloween

One of my friends throws a Halloween open house every year, and this was the first year I was able to go.  She lives in Cole Valley, right near the epicenter of trick or treating and Halloween decor gone crazy - they even shut down multiple city blocks by her house for the festivities!  Her house was warm and fun and full of families with rambunctious toddlers - there was a sword fight going on between Superman and a Ninja Turtle in the foyer for about half an hour!  And after the kids were all taken home for bed, a couple of the girls and I stayed for a last glass of wine and a chat.  Since I didn't want to be a party pooper, but also knew the event was all about the kids, I went with a half costume: wore my tiger ears, pinned my tiger tail to my orange t-shirt dress, and called it a day!  You can see more reasonable day to day (and party) outfits on my Instagram: @lmwedits.