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The Media and Malia

I have a feeling that, for each and every member of the First Family, their time in the White House has only been the beginning of their impact on our world.  It's going to be fascinating to watch where they go and what they do next.

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An Etiquette Guide for Using Uber Pool and Lyft Line

I've taken Uber Pool and will definitely do so again - if I'm not in a major rush, it's by far the best combination of cheapest and fastest way to get from Point A to Point B in San Francisco.  I don't have any horror stories, but I do sign on to each and every tip here!

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This is the best nonpartisan resource I've seen to get you up to speed on the multitude of ballot propositions we Californians face this November.  If you haven't already, please register to vote, make your voting plan, and arm yourself with the information you need - this country needs informed voters to make their voices heard!

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Meatless Bleeding Burger Arrives in SF at Jardiniere and Cockscomb

Honestly, I can't wait to try this.  I've been gradually reducing my red meat intake for a number of reasons (mostly health, with a side of irrational "cows are cute!"), and the thing I find the hardest to kick is the occasional decadent cheeseburger.  Could this be a true substitute?