What I'm Organizing

Although I generally tend to talk about organizing in the context of your home, because that's the kind of work I do, it's just as important to organize your work life.  My personal strategy for my business has been to build slowly, adding in pieces as I create the capacity and ability to fit them into my schedule.  Last week, I took a major step: starting my LMW Edits Instagram account.

I won't be duplicating content across platforms, and you likely won't see many pictures from my jobs.  I value my clients' trust above all else, and their privacy is tremendously important to me.  Rather, I'm going to use my Instagram to give you a bit more of a peek into my personal everyday life, and how my own sense of style is reflected in my daily wardrobe, how I edit my closet, and how I organize my home.  I don't like to dictate, because every person's definition of organized is different.  I want to show you how I organize my life with style, and hope that some of what I do in my own life can inspire you in yours.

Regular Instagramming, just like regular blogging, takes time and effort.  I have to remember to set aside time every day to take my awkward mirror selfies, compose some sort of caption, and think of some good hashtags.  It is, as most things in my business are right now, a work in progress.  I'm looking forward to finishing my home office and finding a place with good light where I can set up a mini iPhone tripod and take slightly better pictures, for starters!

But everything worth doing is worth starting, so I've started.  And one shouldn't let perfect be the enemy of the good, so I've started imperfectly (read: my selfie skills suck).  Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, and let me know what you think of the content - I always appreciate feedback!