Weekly Peek

Getting Away From it All

Recently, my husband and I hiked the West Highland Way in Scotland with a couple of friends.  It was a bucket list item for one of them, and he didn't have to do much convincing to get us to join him.  It was an amazing way to get away from it all (the cell service and wifi access were pretty spotty) while getting out in nature in an extended way (the hike took 8 days, a length of time we don't spend on much of anything these days).  Plus, we had all the comforts of civilization since each day ended a cute inn with snug rooms and a welcoming pub.  Sure, we got rained on quite a bit, and we developed various blisters, aches, and pains over the nearly 100 mile route, but it was a great adventure!

New Basics

Both images courtesy of cuayana.com

I've mentioned Cuyana, the clothing and accessories company with the philosophy of promoting ownership of fewer, better things before.  Recently, I visited their showroom and tried on a couple different styles of their silk blouses.  If you have narrow shoulders (and perhaps a not so narrow bottom half) like I do, you will absolutely love the fit on these - they give that breezy, voluminous look without adding bulk.  I picked up the silk long sleeve blouse in navy and the silk tee in black and white, and have been wearing all three constantly.

Reconnecting with Old Friends

My best friend from high school relocated to Minnesota with her growing family last summer, and I have definitely missed her!  I was able to visit once in February to experience the frozen tundra, and my husband and I just visited again last weekend to meet her new baby, play with her adorable toddler, catch up with her and her husband, and enjoy some relaxation lakeside.  Not incidental to the visit was our reunion with their viszla, who we have known since he was a puppy, and who has definitely not forgotten us!

Getting Ready for Winter

I'm a volunteer ski patroller, and every fall I help teach a class for Outdoor Emergency Care, the EMT-like medical certification for outdoor first responders.  It's a great way to keep up with my skills and at the same time give back to the community of volunteers.  I just finished my deck for the class I'll be teaching on hip, pelvis, and femur injuries, which I hope you and your loved ones never have to experience!  Cross your fingers that this predicted El Nino actually brings some snow to our bare mountains this winter.