Weekly Peek

Bookworms unite!

I'm a member what might be the friendliest, most laid-back book club in the world.  A friend of mine from my business school days started it, and it's become a great opportunity to get together with girls I adore but don't see as often as I would like.  We do discuss the book - but there's no pressure to finish if you're busy and we get plenty of gossiping in as well!  Our most recent meeting was at Red Rock Winery, which offers delicious wines as well as a stunning view of SF.

Photo courtesy of Diakadi Body

Putting the Work In

I love my gym.  THAT'S something I never thought I'd say!  But it's easy to love: you can only work out at Diakadi with one of their trainers, which means that in addition to the state of the art equipment and well appointed locker rooms, you can be sure that everyone is too busy focusing on their own workout to pay any attention to yours!  It's pretty much the exact opposite of a scene.  My sister introduced me to my trainer, Shelby Jacquez, when I was looking to get in shape for my first season of ski patrol three years ago, and she has whipped my formerly squishy butt into the best shape of my life.  Shelby isn't the yelling Jillian Michaels type, but with her calm, matter of fact demeanor she gets to me to work harder than I ever thought I could without even realizing it.  She also introduced me to lifting heavy, and I'm hooked.

Photo courtesy of Indian Springs Calistoga

Photo courtesy of Indian Springs Calistoga

Getting Away From It All

For her bachelorette, my friend the bride requested a low key weekend getaway to somewhere warm.  Because the guest list included a variety of budgets coming from all over the country, I went on the hunt for a resort in wine country that could accommodate us in style without breaking the bank.  Enter Indian Springs Calistoga, a laid-back, funky retreat with a storied history.  We decided that it felt like an adult summer camp, complete with outdoor bocce and shuffleboard courts!  Some members of our party took in the famous mud baths, while the group lounged by the pool enjoying the natural mineral spring-fed waters.  We were pleasantly surprised by delicious food in Calistoga as well, enjoying one of our dinners at Jole and another dinner and brunch at Sam's Social Club on the hotel property.


...and after!

...and after!

Life with Dog

Petunia was a little rambunctious when she first came home with us, and it took a few weeks to help her understand that the living room furniture was not her playground.  During one episode of "zoomies" she leaped off one couch and onto a chair, ricocheting off the glass front of my grandmother's curio cabinet in the process!  The dog wasn't damaged, but sadly the glass door split into pieces.  After living with a taped up shell for longer than I'd like to admit, I finally called the friendly people at Glass Club Inc. in San Francisco.  They came the very same day to measure, and had the new piece of tempered glass installed within a week.  Amazing service!