Shopping á la KonMari

When I was a recent college grad first living in San Francisco, I had a great group of girlfriends (nearly all of whom I’m still close with today), a fulfilling job, a new boyfriend (who would later become my husband)… and next to no money.  I wasn’t poor; I was just young, in my first job, truly independent for the first time, and living in an expensive city; but there wasn’t a whole lot of spending cash in my life.

It was kind of like being on a diet, really.  I’d abstain from shopping completely, refusing to even step into a store for fear of spending money.  And then if I did scrounge up some cash and decide to go shopping I’d go NUTS.  Anything on sale? Anything cheap?  Even if I didn’t love it or really need it at all, it came home with me.

Years, experience, and to my great good fortune a larger budget have combined to make me smarter about my shopping.  I find I have quite a bit in common with the shopping strategies of professional organizer Marie Kondo, as detailed in this charming New Yorker piece: Shopping at Anthropologie with Marie Kondo.

There are only two major points of difference between Kondo’s shopping style and mine.  First, I don’t delineate between purchases for private and business life.  I think this is a result of some combination of the less formal aesthetic of San Francisco (my cocktail dresses only get trotted out for weddings), the nature of my work (my actual work attire is full coverage athletic clothing so that I can bend, move, and lift), and the American tendency to combine high and low by repurposing pieces for a variety of uses (I can wear my leopard print pumps with boyfriend jeans and a white button down for a casual lunch with the girls, or with a sleek shift dress for a meeting).

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Second, I’m more inclined to wait for things I love to go on sale.  However, I can get away with this strategy because I wear a common, middle of the road size in both clothing and shoes.  If there’s something truly special I know I’ll regret not purchasing, I do buy at full price!  My latest such buy was a pair of Louboutin So Kate pumps in No. 1 "Lea" – I am freakishly pale, and most “nude” leathers look dirty or yellow next to my skin.

I highly recommend shopping KonMari style!