Conscious Consumption for Less

Even if you try, like I do, to reduce your consumption and purchase only clothing that is high quality and will work for your style for years to come, everyone still needs basics.  And basics do wear out, so they need to be replaced occasionally. 

Enter Everlane.  This online-only retailer stocks simple, high quality basic pieces in a tightly edited range of colors.  Their mission is to make the manufacturing process transparent and eliminate much of the price markup that comes from middlemen, brick and mortar retail, and large marketing budgets.  As a result, their pieces are extremely high quality for the price – think Vince pieces at J. Crew prices.

The aesthetic does tend towards the hipster/urban androgynous, while I generally prefer a more feminine, tailored look.  However, you cannot beat Everlane’s basic v-neck t-shirt.  The fabric is soft but has weight to it, the cut is fitted but not tight, the sizing is spot on, and it’s only $15!  You can rarely get a similar, lower, quality t-shirt from J. Crew for that price on sale.  As my old tees wear out, I’m replacing them with the Everlane version in my favorite neutrals: white, gray, and navy (currently not available, but hopefully soon!).