Great Advice from a Real Competitor

If you know the business of professional organizing, you know about NEAT Method.  The business started as the brainchild of two friends in San Francisco who bonded over their love of organizing, and has become an extremely successful nationwide business with franchises in many major cities.  They are the go-to choice for home organizing of people in the know, like high end interior designers, magazine editors, and recently, the great Lady O herself!

Here are some of their best tips as published in Oprah Magazine: 6 Things Professional Organizers Want You To Know

Yes, technically, I compete with NEAT Method.  However, they have been so successful at building, branding, and growing their professional organizing business that I prefer to think of them as role models for the kinds of things I might be able to do in the future.  It’s always important to have examples to look at and learn from, and I greatly admire and respect NEAT Method’s success.

No one who’s been following this blog will be shocked to learn that slide #3 from the article is my favorite.  Organizing is not about the containers, it’s about what goes in them!  If you take away nothing else from this blog and the articles I link, remember this, because it shows up every time someone asks a professional organizer for advice for a reason.