Quick and Dirty Organizing Tips

So you've decided to get organized, and you want some practical, hands-on advice.  This article from Reader's Digest, sourced from professional organizers, offers the best assortment I've seen of tips that actually work: 13+ Secrets Personal Organizers Would Never Tell You For Free.

The amazing part is that, as you'll see, most of these specific tips boil down to one concept, which is the hallmark and starting point of each project I embark on with a client: to get organized, you have to get rid of stuff you don't use or need, rather than add stuff to contain it.

The other key takeaway, which I see time and time again with my clients, is that so much of organizing is about visual presentation.  If you can't see something, it doesn't exist!  And from the opposite perspective, I find many people automatically fill visually clear spaces, particularly flat surfaces such as desks and dining room tables.  A good organizational system will work for you visually, not just practically!

The only point on this list I think you can discard are that tired old chestnut about turning closet hangers backward.  There are many things you wear on a regular basis you probably don't love, and things you rarely wear that are worth keeping in your collection.

And of course, these tips are great, but every person is different, and the best organizational system for you will be custom tailored to your personality and needs.  Need help?  Contact me!  I'm accepting new clients now.